The Offering Picture

When I originally started designing this I was thinking of a demon/vampire like monster but when looking for ideas for the background I ran across a public domain photograph of a stone Bull's head/man beast, and I started liking the idea of tying this in with Greek Mythology. So maybe she's a relation of the Minotaur. Or offering an unknown...something to him.

I've never taken a piece to a finish that involved blood before and getting it to look right took some time. I wanted it to have a streaky, streaming drippy-ness look and still have the gloppy viscous nature of blood but just leave it as a graphic element, like her dress, letting the outline do the work. Pretty happy with it now, but I was under the impression for awhile that I'd never be able to get it when drawing horses. Blasted horses.

If anyone's interested in this as a print, here it is on Etsy [link]
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