Until Death Picture

Facing a major artists' block, I decided to try something... whenever I'm strapped for ideas, I'm going to randomly open one of my mythology books and point at a page with my eyes closed. Wherever my finger is, whatever I land on, I draw.

Let's hope I never land on the part about the creation of the minotaur.

Anyway. This is Cuchulainn, a celtic warrior of some kind. I don't know much about celtic mythology. But I specifically landed on a page about his death. Mortally wounded in battle, he fought as long as he could - tying himself to a stone pillar to remain upright. He eventually died there, but the enemy was still afraid to approach until a crow landed on his corpse several days later, signalling he was really dead.

Normally, people draw him already dead, with the crow perched on his shoulder. I decided to make him almost dead. This one came out better than the first such mythology drawing I made, but I still didn't like it enough to really finish it.
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