Labyrinth Picture

I made a maze knot that tells the story of theseus! There's king Minos sending him into the labyrinth in the lower left corner, and Daedelus's workshop where the princess takes him and gives him a ball of string to make it through the labyrinth, and in the center is the minotaur, and at the top is the ship with black sails that he sails home. I'm making this as large as I can be and offering a free download so you guys can try to solve the maze if you like. See if you can get from the labyrinth entrance (bottom left corner) to Daedelus's workshop (bottom right) up to the ship, avoiding the minotaur. Let me know if you solve it!
I have an idea to maybe do a series of these… mazes or puzzles that tell classical stories…
Pencil sketch, cleaned up in photoshop.

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