Minotaur's Anger Picture

The Minotaur Saw At Isabella Kissed Phineas. But The Minotaur Falls In love. Isabella is Scared of Minotaur. Minotaurs are Mythologic Creature. here.

Phineas : Isabella, Dont Broke Up.

Isabella : I am Scared of Minotaur. I Have to break up with You. I'm Single.

Phineas : You Broke my Heart. Ahahahaha!

Isabella : Oh no what I Have Done With phineas. The Love is Over.

Phineas : Minotaur, You are Angry.

Minotaur : Yes, Isabella Is Mine. Get Out Kid.

phineas : fine, I most Get Out. Bye Bye Isabella.

Phineas Is Not Scared of Minotaurs. But He is sad. Isabella Have Broke Phineas's Heart. It Was Bad. How to beat Minotaur. And Phineas Is Angry on Minotaur. But Minotaur Have Strong Muscles. Phineas Need to Eat Spinach to Beat Minotaur.
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