Wonder Woman prequel: Diana apparence Picture

A show called Amazon was canceled ; and should have been about the young Wonder Woman in a similar fashion of Smallville, with Superman. Meanwhile, a show called Gotham about young Batman will happen. What a pity...She already don't have any movie of her own, compare with the 13 revolving around the two other heroes of the DC Trinity. So, here what it could have looked like, according to me.

Superheroes are, basically, a modern mythology . Mythology can depend on the teller. For instance, did Theseus (the one who slayed the Minotaur) willingly abandoned Ariadne on a desert island, or did he just forget her after a halt? Did he willingly didn't put a white sail on his boat knowing his father would commit suicide? Or did he forgot, too? It depend if you want Theseus to look like a bastard or not.

So, here Wonder Woman mythology according to me. (I didn't read the comics as I'm European, however, I've seen and read what was available on line) . I know the origin of Wondy in comics: the clay origins, à la Galatea, the soldier who get lost on Themiscyra, Wonder Woman decide to escort him back in the USA, and stay there as an ambassador, and so on.

But it wasn't very compatible with a Smallville -like show, I think . (With a hero discovering his powers and origin slowly.) Plus , I'm disturbed by her “clay- baby” past. Basically, she's a golem. (Ironically, Superman was inspired by the Golem, as a mighty protector.) Hmmm...I don't know, it sounds like a robot, to me...

I know, being a one gender people, it's easier for Amazons to reproduce that way. But here, they use the good old method: raping mens in the neighborhood once a year, and since they relocated in Bermuda triangle, blend occasionally in Man's world and have a one-night stand.

So Diana Prince was born human, and grew up in Man's world. How ? Well, I've combined the doomed hometown of Superman and Rapunzel (or Aurora) secret legacy.

Ares (Wonder Woman main Nemesis) or more accurately, his reincarnation, used stolen items from Poseidon and Athena (Medusa 's face is on her shield) to attack Themiscyra
about 17 years ago. Everyone fought back except a panicked old amazon who usually looked after baby Diana, called Artemisia. (pun intended; she will be my Canon Foreigner) She managed to run away with her , via a Cool Gate. Meanwhile, amazons were turned into stone and then Themiscyra was flooded.

Artemisia settled in Man's world (it wasn't that easy at first!) and raised Diana pretending being her grandmother. And Diana buy it until she is 18.

Here what she could look like then. The combo blue shirt/red jacket appeared late in Smallville ( after season one.) . But I think, after a while that Diana will too tend to favor clothes reminding of her future uniform too, in color, and with star shaped accessories. The fifth one especially : it goes with lasso of truth, and bracelets. (both also brought by Artemisia.) The lasso is worn like a belt to not attract attention. Bracelets are usually hidden under long sleeves or gymnastic handcuffs. And of course : cerulean eyes and jet black curly hair ! <3

I've used a new technique, more comic book like.
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