New Demonology: Molochling Picture

I thought I'd give you one more preview, this time on a demon I hadn't shown you in the original Demonology series. This is the molochling, conceptually the minions of the demonic deity Moloch. I really like how it came out, he looks effin badass, the scan doesn't do it justice really.
Also note that in this version, the pages are much smaller than the original Demonology series, therefore I have to cram as much as I can into the pages, which I think also adds to the sort of journal-style read I'm aiming for.
Note also that the final version will have an illustration for every demon(hopefully a little over 120) as well as the rest of the page in information, including origins, descriptions, habits, and ways of expulsion. Not also, that the journal will only encompass demons as species and not individual major demons, devils, or the Goetia. Kind of like a field guide to different TYPES of demons is what I am going for.
Also note that the demons listed are either from actual mythologies and folklores from around the world or from my really strung out brain.
Anyway, enjoy, I'll add more previews later on. I have around 50 demons completed so far, and need to get around 120 before I add the other sections and publish.
Sorry if it seems like I'm advertising, I'm just excited
And man, what a gawd awful scan that is.
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