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Series number 617

Title: The Curse of the Fearwood
Description: In the woods Fervudskom Winx and specialists come to grips with the werewolf, who called Selina. After the fight, they come into the world legendarium where should find the last artifact to close the book.

Series number 618
Title: Magic Totem
Description: Flora comes to grips with Icy, Snow Queen to make Helio and out of the world legendarium. However, time to freeze Icy heart Helio. Will save Winx Helio and Fervudsky forest?

Series number 619
Title: Queen of the day
Description: Winx going to go to Cloud Tower and close legendarium, but something interferes with their plans - Cloud Tower became invisible! Meanwhile, it turns out that Stella - Queen of the day, but the force as legendarium, intoxicated her.

Series number 620
Name: Stella Holiday
Description: Trying to pick her crown Darcy, Stella faces in ancient labyrinth with the Minotaur. When she finally manages to leave the world legendarium, she returns to the solarium to fix that done, being the Queen.

Series number 621
Title: Love Monster
Description: Winx sent to Zenit in the hope of finding a technology that will allow them to track the invisible cloud tower. However, with a family reunion techno fails, Selina sends to Winx next monster, Frankenstein. That’s just Selina could not expect that it will fall in love techno messenger.

Series number 622
Title: Music Cafe
Description: Muse opens Alfee music cafe. Using the magic of musical instruments, Winx Alfea protect from flying Cloud Tower. But something happens: Rumpelstiltskin steals Muses voice. Winx now have to go back and fight with Cloud Tower.

Series number 623
Title: Anthem
Description: Even without a voice Muse can control your music and save Alfea from witches. But now we have to choose between Winx Muses and key voice from legendarium that Rumpelstiltskin wants for him. What do they choose?

Series number 624
Title: Legendary duel
Description: Trix Bloom cause a duel. It will have to fight one-on-one with Selina. Winx can only maintain it. However, when Celina releases powerful but dangerous Champions Alfea, all rules sidelined.

Series number 625
Name: Acheron
Description: Winx preparing for the wedding of Daphne and Thorens, but during training find that liberated Selina Acheron. Acheron expels Trix in legendarium and takes measurements of the magic of Magic, except Drakefire!

Series number 626
Title: Winx forever
Description: While the Winx fight the spirit of the great lizard, Bloom struggles with Acheron and Trix world legendarium. Winx need help, any help to defeat the darkness and restore order in the Magic dimension.

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