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its about time i did the amazing Influence Map. though as i look at it, im noticing my gallery doesn't show like half the stuff on my map. OH WELL too bad.

alot of these are very general terms. like if i did all the movies and videogames that i love, there would be no room for Anderson Cooper

lets see what is on here, shall we?
Videogames (featuring Blue Dragon) - that like 25 percent of my life lived thus far XD
Music - crack you a deal, first person guess the four bands/musicians i featured CORRECTLY, i'll draw you something nice ^^ anyway, like half my deviations are song titles/lyrics.
Miyazaki - i couldn't left him fall under the extremely general term of 'movies', he needed a shout out on my map
Movies (featuring How to Train Your Dragon) - i was torn between the Knights Who Say Ni or Hiccup riding Toothless for this one, so i flipped a coin. HTTYD got it
Medical Science - yes, im extremely squeemish BUT that doesnt mean im not fascinated by it. Plus House is an awesome show XDD 2 birds with ONE stone, OHHHHHH
Dragons - too many dragons on this map XDD
Anderson Cooper/Tim Gunn/RuPaul - two of which are openly gay and the third supposed to be gay. i think im attracted to gay people XD regardless i love what these guys do (Yes, RuPaul is a dude for those of you who've never heard of him, world famous Drag Queen)
Mythology (feature Theseus battling the Minotaur) - this myth is win, and mythology in general is just so awesome to think about
The Mythbusters (of course i just noticed that i placed them next to Mythology, oh the irony) - kids at heart, love 'em
Sherlock Holmes - House is based of Sherlock Holmes. fun fact of the day
Cartoons (featuring Invader Zim) - need i say more?
Family (featuring my cousin with an eclair) - couldn't be where i am without my family <3333

With the exception of my cousin, i dont own anything on this map.
they all belong to their respected owners

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