Iron Maiden (Apega) and Brazen Bull Picture

NOW, here are some MOAR villains! Let's start with the one on the left...


Name: Apega (last name unrevealed... for now)
Alias: Iron Maiden (later changed to Apega, or Iron Apega)
Age: (unrevealed because she's sensitive about her age...)
Skin: White (Steel with silver/iron armor plates in metal form)
Hair: Blonde (Silver in metal form)
Eyes: Blue (Yellow in metal form)
Weight: 130 lbs. (390 in metal form)
Status: Professional Supervillain
Powers/Abilities: Expert fighter, can transform entire body into metal, with metal spiked plates... gains superstrength and a high degree of invulnerability.

The one on the right:

Name: (N/A)
Alias: Brazen Bull
Age: 6
Skin: Bronze
Hair: (N/A)
Eyes: Blazing Red
Weight: Approx. 1200 lbs.
Status: Automaton, Supervillain
Powers/Abilities: Superstrength, tough armor yields high degree of invulnerability, breathes fire using internal furnance, internal furnance superheats armor to temperatures well over 1500 degrees Faerenheit.


This duo of villains are inspired by two Greek torture devices, the Iron Apega and the Brazen Bull. They react nastily with anyone/anything standing in their way. Natural enemies of Iron Maiden (the hero).…

Initial inspiration: Iron Apega and Brazen Bull (Greek Torture Devices)

Other inspration: For Apega: Preyas Diablo (Bakugan); For Brazen Bull: The Minotaur (Greek Mythology)
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