The Band of Misfits Picture

Took me so f*****g long to finish. May I present the Band of Misfits, the first bearers of the Elements. I tried my best to give Grogars Fortress an 80s fantasy-movie look (again inspired by rankingbass)

A piece of my headcanon about the time before the three tribes came to Equestria, the end of grogars reign in the Bad Lands in the South of the continent. The OCs will be explained in seperated Character sheets. If you wonder why Starswirl is part of the Band of Misfits, even though the Unicorn tribe has yet to come to Equestria, there is an explaination, it will be part of one of my next pictures.

What Grogar was doing in the meantime:
a Spell gone wrong

If you like it or have something to add, or have questions, feel free to comment, so that I can improve my work and answer

EDIT: 2015-1-29 Forgot to activate the layer with Fausticorns cutie mark before saving
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