Blargharath 10-6-09 Picture

This was so awesome, and since everyone loved it so much, I just had to put it on here. For honors history class, we had to make up a mythological Greek monster hybrid (or something like that) and mine was a hybrid of the griffin, cyclops, minotaur, and Mars's Stymphalian birds. I give you, Blaraghath. Along with the pictures, we had to write the monster's attributes and a story to go along with them. [Story copied straight from my [link] to follow]

The Story of Blaraghath

Blaraghath was created on a Monday. Zeus, who was having an off-day, created Blaraghath at an angle, leaving him with an odd, backwards-leaning curve in his spine. Zeus, pretending not to notice this flaw, then went to bed. This curve in his spine caused Blaraghath quite a bit of pain, and he grew to hate the day of his creation. He became bitter and grumbled hideous "BLARAGARAHAHGHAHHAHGhghhhhahhHGahGHH" noises that brought tears to the eyes of the young, elderly, and weak of heart.

Zeus grew tired of his moping and decided to cheer Blaraghath up with a gift. Realizing that nothing amused anything or anyone more than big and shiny things, Zeus crafted for him a freaking huge mace. However, this still didn't please Blaraghath, and he continued to be irritating. At this point, Zeus lost all patience, and went to go kill him. Zeus smashed his spine with his mighy fist, but not before Blaraghath shot his sharp feathers out at Zeus. He got a feather stuck in his side. Blaraghath's eye glowed as he mumbled some random gibberish, before taking his final breath. And now, every Monday, the feather lodged in Zeus's side hurts. And that is why Mondays suck. so. hard.
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