a Spell gone wrong Picture

Grogar steped forth to the magic circle. It was formed by two circels, many strange runes, their meaning only known to Grogar himself and seven lines forming a seven-pointed Star.
The Lands of the Continent were not enough for him, so he decided to take the Kingdoms of the Sea for himself. But the alicorns, that had been tainted and malformed by him, were not fit to take the sea. So he would make soldiers. He tricked a young seapony into selling her voice in exchange for the ability to walk on the dry land. With it, the essence of the alicorns and his knowledge in dark magic he began his work.
The first one he created was yellow, and after a few tests he decided to create more. The second a light shade of purple. He would raise them to follow his orders without question his Soldiers agressive and ready to take actions. Raising them ould take quiet some time but he could wait, so he planed to create more of them. The runes started to glow for a third time and the components of his crime against nature brought together by his dark magic took form, like to other times.
As the light faded and as he took a look at his creation Grogar realized something was not right. And he would not perform the spell or a fourth time.

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