Hecate Picture

" Ἑκάτη "

is the goddess of witchcraft, crossroad, ghost and curses.

in this new earth (no name yet....) she lost her grip on reality becoming the goddess of mad witches and scientist, using her Ἐρινύες (√Črinyes) to spread insanity and other mind chilling affliction on the mortal of this unstable new universe.

OK, I'm thinking about doing some sort of role-play forum thingy and i had to think about a back story and the idea to use ancient mythological being seemed interesting... however, the "basic" stuff would be freaking boring... by basic stuff i mean : Zeus is da good guys, hades da bad guys, theres minotaurs and that crap everywhere so go kill'em'all...

Naah.... that stuff is just too overused... i actually tought about:

what if the ancient god from about all kind of mythologies, after thousands of years with about no one praying them, just grew bored and decided to get the hell of of this boring world filled whit publicity and junk?

what would they do... create another world and start the fun again! ^^

more on this will come as soon as i get more of those gods coming!
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