Playing Around Picture

For 365-DaysOfDoodles 7 day drawing challenge - day 3.

The challenge was to choose our favorite mythical creature. Now, I'm not really into mythical creatures...I mean, I was at one time, but I had never drawn them. I'd just read about them in awe. I had always been intrigued by cryptids...but Greek Mythology was one of the only things I actually remember from school in 7th grade. I love mythological creatures...I was into them even before I read the Percy Jackson books, which just sparked my interest even further.
But still, I don't really have a set "favorite" creature... I'm really interested in the Medusa, Minotaur, Cerberus, Harpies, and a dozen more. But I've drawn a few of those before, so I wanted to try something different.

I always felt kinda bad for the satyrs. They seem so awesome, but in Percy Jackson they were a bit mistreated, and it was sad. So I thought of when, in the book, the satyrs would chase around the wood nymphs. So therefore, I chose that very scene.
I think this one turned out a lot better than the other two challenges for me. But they were all really fun to draw.
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