Sister of Rhea, Echidna was a beautiful woman of strong personality, with long brown hair and bronze eyes, in which Typhon, the Lord of the Winds and the son of Uranus, fell in love. Like her sister, Echidna became immortal and married one of them. When her first child with Typhon, the Chimera, was born, Echidna begun to lose her human appearance. And things went from bad to worse when the other four children (Minotaur, Manticora, Cerberus and Hydra) were born, because she was not human, becoming a Lamia with four arms. With much regret, Typhon, in order of Chronos, arrested Echidna in a cave in the deepest part of Earth's crust, where it could no longer have children with anyone, without losing the little beauty she had left. However, she held a grudge against her husband, thinking that he no longer loved her. She is still there, waiting for a rescue that can exact her revenge.
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