I'm a PJatO-Loving Ninja Picture

I felt like using this as an ID... so yeah. My glasses are actually blue, but whatever, black looked better here. Otherwise, it's realistic.
Oh, wait, no - I don't own a giant shruikan or dagger... ah well. We can always pretend. ^^
I added the little Lightning Thief in the corner becuz, well, PJatO is pretty much the only thing I like talking about. XD No, I CAN make good conversation.
BTW, yes, thats my favorite edition of The Lightning Thief. I think that it's the British version. But it's awesome - it doesn't give anything away, except maybe the minotaur? But honestly... the publisher is trying to make you understand the whole GREEK MYTHOLOGY theme!!
I nearly forgot - the base! It's here: [link]
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