Nico's Strategy Picture

I know my drawing is a bit sloppy, but I am a novice. I just wanted to spread a bit of humor with my favorite character, Nico Di Angelo. I hope you will get the sense of humor. I don't mind flames, but compliments are nice.

Also, I should have used a minotaur in the drawing, but I am not in that high level, yet. Mrs. O'Leary doesn't have a card in the book, but it is my favorite mythological creature.

So, basically, they encounter a monster. This is what I imagine if Nico didn't burned his cards.

Nico: Don't worry, Percy. I'll build strategy. Cerberus has 2,000 attack points. How many attack points do you have Percy?

Percy: Nico, just help me!

All characters belong to Rick Riordan.
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