Gravston Chapter 34 Cover Picture

Why do I constantly fall behind on uploading these?

Alrighty so this is the first of three covers in a row that focus on the Ravencoats - the House of Raven's personal guard - and we start with Asterion.

This cover caused me so much hassle. I went through several poses as I struggled to figure out where to go with this. I at one point considered having Asterion holding a golden ball of string, but I figured no one would get why, given his mythological connection is very... oblique at best.

(Hint: Asterion is one of the names for the Minotaur)

I have plans for Asterion, as he is a character I'm just now pinning down in my head and I look forward to developing him more in the future. And maybe giving him a better weapon than that silly hammer XD

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