Cerberus Picture

yay! cerberus! always a favorite of mine, i was in Tully's Coffee friday, and i happened to have ONE SHEET OF PAPER to draw on. So i started planning as to what to draw. I wanted to test what i've learned so far, i wanted to do something i hadn't done before, or at least, for a very very long time. So i made up my mind to draw cerberus, the three headed dog. I haven't drawn any three headed things for a very long time, and especially not in this pose. it was great practice, and i enjoyed giving my twist to the mythological being.

tihs is the second drawing, (drawn first) of the two pictures i've done recently.

the penning is terrible, i know, the tails are too thin and uneven, and i messed up on the middle head, it was supposed to have one eye on the left (its right), but i misdid the angle terribly. i then decided it was fine, i could erase it in PS, so i drew another, only then realizing i didn't know where it was supposed to be. No swet i thought, again, i can erase it. and only after two more did i get it right. i then proceded to complete the piece, shading and all. Shit, i just shaded the area i was going to erase, and now, it's gotten so much harder . . . no swet, i don't really care any more.

besdides the flaws, i kinda like it.
no references were needed, or used, for either the minotaur or cerberus, they're pretty easy to draw.

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