Lake Maracaibo Picture

Yeah, excuse the crappy cropping job, I kinda did this on a scrap piece of cardstock. But anyways, this is the re-styled Lyndis. And behind her is my lame attempt at perspective with no ruler. So, yeah, I didn't bother over-detailing this picture. I was excited to do it at first but it kinda went downhill from there. lol. Well anyways, enjoy! I'll have the other re-stylings up soon. : )

Okay, this is Lyndis. She is a
character in the story that is
similar to Hermes in Greek
mythology (which a lot of the
characters in this story are
loosely based from). In her
original design she had a plush
bull which was really the soul
of her servant (a minotaur) that
helped her 'guide' souls. He
was ditched after I decided to
make her a young adult rather
than a young girl. However there
is always room for a cameo.
Hell, I even incorperated myself
into a background scene.

If you look closely, that's me in the book
store with Marie's Harry Potter book.

By the way, I'm not even going to lie, this character was totally inspired by Celine.

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