The Adventures of Lord Zeus Picture

The Adventures of Lord Zeus!!
Now I have been told that it's hilarious, but I learnt this ALL from the GREEKS. Well, a history teacher, a French teacher and a book. But whatever. Thank 'em Greeks for the entertainment!
Oh, yes, and Lord Zeus, please note that I am just writing these little lies for my fellow deviants' comical satisfaction.
Yeah, right. We all know the truth, Mr. Zeus.
(I be Hera's divorce lawyer!! Not. Hate her.)
Anyway, I have drawn Zeus as a swan to seduce a woman who became the mother of Hellen of Troy, Metis totally not being fooled, Amphitrite chatting with Leto, and Persephone waving and being girly. Oh, yeah, and there's Hades kidnapping her. XD Bet that was in Olympus Weekly for aaageeees. ("YOUNG MAIDEN KIDNAPPED BY GOTHIC PSYCHOPATH!")
I looove Amphitrite's dress. Did u know that Amphitrite means somethin like 'Mother of Triton'? How sad. Considering she's Poseidon's wife, WHY is the percentage representing how many kids they had together (1) like 5%?
Did you know that Poseidon and Demeter were together for a while? Can't remember their kid, tho.
And apparently Medusa is the mom of Pegasus.
And he's the dad of Theseus.
And the father of the Minotaur.
Stupid Greek Mythology book! That's wrong! He caused the birth of the Minotaur because a queen refused to pray to him. But I'm not all that sure about Theseus.
Poor Percy. Related to complete losers.
Hey, I recently realized that in the Sea of Monsters, Blackjack is a mare - a female horse - but then afterwards its a dude. Did she go transvestite?
I was at the Champs Elysees yesterday - well today - for the New Year, and everyone was whooping it up.
Probably some Party Ponies disguised in the group... but really. These people started dancing the conga on the RER train...
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