Submission 7 by Gutterball Picture

Original description:
So if you know your mythology, King Minos wished for a pure white bull from the gods, but didn't offer anything in return, so that pissed off Poseidon who made Minos' wife have sex with a white bull, their union produced the Minotaur who roamed a labyrinth at Knossos designed by Daedelus...or something like that. I've also been inspired by currently reading The House of Leaves...very interesting and non-linear story...unsettling in many different ways.

I added the aspect of the minotaur becoming part of the maze, and the people stuck inside it becoming part of him. Full view for the tiny folks. It turned out relatively well, overall I think it should have been darker and I should have used paint instead of pen, but this is what I finished with.

Pen, ink, marker, watercolor pencil

Original piece:

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