The Dragon Picture

Name: None (Simply known as "The Dragon", because it is the last Dragon to ever exist)
Title: Eternal Hybrid Dragon Lord
Height: 666 meters in height, 1250 meters in wingspan
Ability: Explosive volcano breath, flight, Ice/Thunder/Plasma blasts, Storming weather whenever it is in absolute rage, large enough to where it's own shadow causes complete darkness wherever it flies, Void Beam Wave, Vortex Summon
Location: Castle Tenebrae
Universe: Last Epilogue (A Book within the GR0 Universe, hence why Dragora cannot exist in this dimension)

I have two game projects I'm focusing on. Both turned based RPGs, both using a similar system, but both are entirely different with how they function. Project: Zauridon is a Pokemon styled RPG, the game this big (And I mean big) brute comes from is more generic in terms of a simple RPG similar to the original Final Fantasy. Unlike Project: Zauridon, which is more modern based setting, Paladin, the current title of this game, is based around a fictional Medieval setting outside of Ultimorian Universe. Paladin is different in several key ways.

-Terranadrosus, Dragora, and Grandis DO exist, but they are only encountered by accessing a password on the, where to find the same three as Zauridons in PZ require both the main game completed and a more in-game based puzzle solved, then each of them faced in the proper order; The three technically should NOT exist in Paladin, yet do anyways for the sole purpose of being powerful boss fights.

-You control only a single character, but several party members can be found or recruited. Mostly the game is an attempt to be a solo fight showing how badass The Paladin is meant to be, since The Paladin is a warrior from heaven tasked with destroying all evil.

-The player character in PZ had a choice between Male or Female player characters; Paladin lacks a choice and it's never said as to what gender The Paladin is, that is, if it even has a Gender. Most of the NPCs treat The Paladin as a Male due to the cultures, but depending on the Armor and Skills obtained, some individuals may treat The Paladin as a Female. The Dragon, however, knows for a fact that The Paladin could be either or and none at all at the same time, but this isn't known other than me telling you here in this description since The Dragon does not speak.

-The themes and nature of The Paladin are much more mature and violent than PZ. Specifically the 9th and semi-final major boss in the game is Satan himself, who is killed by giving his and all the prior bosses' powers to The Dragon.

-SOME Mon based themes are present, as there is a Beast Master skill. The 8th Boss, Lead Griffon, appears as both a boss and a normal enemy in the game, the Lead Griffon simply being larger and more powerful, and also speaking like the first 9 bosses.

-Fenrir can be obtained as the most powerful Beast that can be obtained, which is also ironically the first boss. Fenrir cannot be used in the final battle, however, as Fenrir is killed yet again if it was revived by the time you faced Satan.

-A 6th Stat exists: Luck, which is essential for obtaining the rarer drops in the game. Unlike the other stats, Luck increases differently and only once every 10 Levels. Luck caps at 100, and having 100 Luck essentially means 100% chance of rare drops. Every point of Luck is the percentage a rare drop is obtained. At Level 1, Luck is 0, but starting with Level 10 and every 10th Level, it increases by 5 and by hitting the level cap will give you 100% Luck, again to show off that The Paladin is meant to be some sort of Deity disguised as a mortal.

-A recent change to PZ is that stats are increased by Stat Points, which can either be distributed evenly or focus on a specific battle style. Unlike PZ, Levels go up to 500 rather than 100, in addition to the Luck stat mentioned above.


Fenrir, Giant Forest Wolf: A massive wolf based off the mythological Fenrir, which is shares many traits with as both are gigantic wolves. Fenrir terrorizes a hunting village where The Paladin's journey officially begins after having nearly been killed by The Dragon in the intro. Fenrir is simple in attack style, re-appears as a common mini-boss that can also be tamed. However, it is permanently killed after facing Satan. Weak against Swords.

Minotaur, Bull Beast Man: The second boss faced in the game. Like Fenrir, Minotaur is simple in attack pattern, weak against Battle axes.

Goblin King: First boss that will actually speak, seen earlier in the game when encountering Fenrir and Minotaur as he was the one who set them loose. Retreats after the battle instead of being killed, ultimately killed in the next boss battle.

Cannon Horse, Horse of Timber: At first glance, it appears to be just the Trojan Horse...... Except it's head is armed with a cannon it fires from the muzzle. Has only a small amount of attacks, simply stomping on you or firing a cannonball at you, both high damaging. Melee weapons do less damage to it, so using Fire spells is the best option as it will take the Horse down in a matter of 3 turns or less depending on the Attack stat and other skills obtained to go along with fire magic. Is actually a robot piloted by the Goblin King as homage to the Colossus of Rhodes from God of War II. The Goblin King is killed in this specific match because the mechanical horse explodes, but not before the Goblin King informs his wife, Baba Yaga, to avenge him.

Baba Yaga, Green Old Hag: Baba Yaga, upon the death of the Goblin King, is given the role of Main Antagonist from him. She has no actual issues with The Paladin till the Goblin King is killed, then she promptly stalls out The Paladin until she's cornered. Is hyped up until then to be the main antagonist overall, but she isn't. Homage to Cackletta from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Due to confusion she sits in a Cauldron which has chicken legs, because she is simply stuck in it. After the battle, it's revealed that she actually hated her husband and wanted him dead from the start because she was never invited to his kingdom when they married. She knows a variety of powerful spells, but isn't particularly bright. She becomes peaceful when all she asks after the battle is help to get out of her Cauldron which she's been stuck in. After breaking the Cauldron, she is but a jolly fat old woman, though the peace is shattered when she is killed by a gigantic ghost wearing Black Knight armor.

Black Knight, Undead Ghost Warrior: Black Knight curses at Baba Yaga for being a lousy villain and kills her upon making that point loud and clear. In the boss battle, his limbs can be targeted, but unlike most bosses with the same multi-target theme, they do not regenerate once destroyed, and each time Black Knight will make a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail by saying the wound is unimportant. If both arms are destroyed first, it brings him down to only a single, weak attack, which ultimately causes him to give up after 3 turns of doing only scratch damage. He ends up dying anyways, despite being a ghost as he relies on the armor to stay in the world of the living.

Kraken, Fathomless Beast of Dread: When traveling to the next continent, the Kraken will force your ship to sink and you end up in Atlantis. After a long maze-like dungeon full of puzzles, three of which relate to the secret bosses Terranadrosus, Dragora, and Grandis, you face the Kraken, which is weak to Thunder spells. The Kraken's moves aren't as varied as the other past three bosses, and relies mainly on massive defense to take hits.

Lead Griffin, Fierce Giant Hybrid: In the new continent, which resembles North America in culture, a thief from a far away land is reported to exist. At first a mini-boss makes you think it's a Wendigo, but it's actually the Griffins that migrated from Europe to live a less dangerous life in the new world. They end up framing the weaker inhabitants of this land to make their lives easier, and eventually when the Griffins' hideout is exposed by a shaman, the Lead Griffin personally challenges The Paladin only to be killed by not the Paladin, but by Satan.

Satan, Demonic Rage of Evil: Satan, at this point, becomes the main antagonist, and is at first said as the leader of all demons. He resists every attack type, so hitting him hard with everything you've got is the best option. When Satan goes down, he uses the dead spirits of the other 8 giants The Paladin faced prior to him, in addition to himself as well, and giving all of their powers to the true evil; A being simply called The Dragon.

The Dragon: The Dragon (The one this whole picture is about obviously), is known by no actual name, and is the same Dragon that nearly killed The Paladin in the beginning of the game. The battle from the beginning is actually a dream, hence why the only reason The Paladin even lives; If it were to have faced The Dragon at that point, it would simply have been killed. The Dragon is given constant tales of how all the dragons are supposed to be extinct, and each dungeon mentions a bit more on the tale of how. It isn't until the final room prior to Satan himself in his own dungeon is it said "One remains to this day...", which is The Dragon himself. The Dragon is given no title for itself like the other previous bosses are, and is known as nothing but pure evil that even Satan envies. The Dragon, depending on what level you are, the number of optional dungeons and bosses defeated, and if you've faced Terranadrosus, Dragora, and Grandis at all, will have it's stats amped up greatly from it's original stats, ultimately making it the hardest boss in the game at 100% completion. It knows all the powerful Melee, Ice, Thunder, Fire, Light, and Dark attacks in the game, and having the unique Dragon element to it, hits everything for increased damage. The Dragon is the most intelligent boss, yet doesn't speak at all just like how The Paladin doesn't as well. The Dragon shares many similarities to other dragon final bosses such as Grigori of Dragon's Dogma. Both are gigantic sized European Dragons, with the traditional Arms, Legs, and Wings pattern. Both are the only actual Dragons of this pattern in the game, in the case of The Dragon of Paladin is that it's the ONLY actual Dragon due to the rest being extinct; Anything else similar is either a Wyvern or Sea Serpent, both are rare and hard to find but give high Exp and Gold. The Dragon is killed in an identical fashion, and it's resistances to all attacks are just like that of Grigori's, except The Dragon resists EVERYTHING and is immune to Magic spells and magic damage. Grigori, which stands on both two legs on an occasion though mostly on all fours, is different from how The Dragon stands on two legs and rarely on all fours. Though the in-game sprite of The Dragon depicts it on four legs, it merely is so to fit it all into a 360x360 Pixel sprite, the size of every other boss sprite.

About The Dragon relating to GR0:

The Dragon is not the last of it's kind in Ultimoria no duh, but compared to the rest of the Dragons you face in the game, The Dragon is between the next strongest Dragon and the weakest Dragoria in terms of power, and the way The Dragon is designed sometimes leads to it being tougher in fighting tactics compared to even a Black Dragoria, due to The Dragon being much, much larger, dwarfing even the large Dragon Grigori mentioned above in size (Grigori would simply be stepped on by The Dragon in terms of how big it is), and the fact it can only be damaged by a small gap in it's chest (Where the downward pointing spikes are at on the chest, which hides a gap leading to it's heart), much unlike the Black Dragoria. The Dragon can be fought in GR0 by climbing into it's chest and stabbing directly at it's heart, only for several seconds though as The Dragon will force you out of it. The Dragon makes no attempts to eat you like other massive bosses does, due to knowing it's ONLY weak spots are underneath it's impenetrable hide; It's own organs, but the heart overall as the other organs are simply for weakening it's attacks, acquiring rare loot otherwise destroyed along with The Dragon, or preventing it from being able to move correctly. The Dragon is given it's own species name in GR0; The Imperial Black Dragon, given it's title for it's identical bipedal stance as other Imperial Dragons rather than the way the wings are shaped. The Dragon, again, spawns only once every real life week at Midnight on Saturdays, and stays spawned til 3 AM in real life. In the GR0 Universe, The Dragon is a hybrid of both Red and Black Dragons, the most powerful normal Dragons, and is either Male or Female depending on which species was the mother; If the mother is Red, it is Male, if Black, it is Female. The gender hardly matters, however, as most are almost always male due to the circumstances they are bred. Only one is meant to exist at a time, and even Thingamajigs cannot fully clone them at all due to how they're specifically created; Like they would need to anyways, as they have much more powerful beasts in the form of tamed Xilatealeon, Terranadrosus, and Sheildrus, the latter can easily OHKO The Dragon in a single shot due to how hard of a target it is to miss; Normally when Shieldrus attempts to kill enemies in such a way, Xilatealeon and Terranadrosus personally have to restrain it due to the enemy not being large enough to ensure Shieldrus hitting it instead of something else. So, depending on how much bad luck you have, you can end up with The Dragon spawning yet having Shieldrus kill it off before you even know WHERE it spawns; It can spawn anywhere starting at Level 500, the Level Cap of Paladin.

Guest appearance in Project: Zauridon:
In one generation of the upcoming game project, The Dragon is made into a Zauridon by the combined powers of Dragora and Grandis. The Dragon, referred to as Imperiasaurus, is the only God Mode element Zauridon that is neither Grandis or his two counterparts and also the first Zauridon to surpass 20 Base Attack and Defense. It's base stats are:

24 HP
24 MP
48 Attack
156 Defense
20 Speed

Imperiasaurus serves as the most powerful unlock in it's generation, being the generations's 100% completion boss Zauridon. It does not appear unless Grandis, Evilis, and Thingairis are in the party, all three being the other three Zauridons to have the God Mode element and also setting the previous base stat caps. However, Imperiasaurus's main weakness is the fact any attack that hits three enemies at once will deal three times as much damage as before, it's moves require heavy MP investment to use, and it's HP also being easily exploited by certain moves that do damage the higher the opponent's Defense is compared to the user's attack. By the time Imperiasaurus is added to the game, however, PZ will have switched to Real Time Combat gameplay. When obtained, Imperiasaurus is much smaller than it's actual boss counterpart, with playable Imperiasaurus being weak around the whole body rather than a specific point.

The Dragon is inspired by various other Dragons in modern gaming. The actual design is from the High Dragons of Dragon Age, the defensive abilities of Grigori of Dragon's Dogma, the variety of attacks that Alduin from Skyrim has, master of all elements like Malefor of The Legend of Spyro Trilogy is, among other things. It's coloration also originates partially from Cynder also from The Legend of Spyro Trilogy. Originally The Dragon had no gender much like The Paladin, due to being a hybrid of two different Dragon species, which made it similar to real life hybrids such as the Liger, except while Ligers DID have Male and Female versions, the near impossible chance of breeding them further is impossible. The Dragon also gets some inspiration from King Ghidorah, both from the fact they are about the same height (An understatement since The Dragon is about twice the tallest Ghidorah's height, and is big enough to look at Serpentera directly in the eye). It's extreme size originated from Alduin's title of World Eater, which The Dragon DOES devour entire mountain ranges in it's rampage. The Dragon, however, is mostly meant to be the same Dragon that Sir George fought in ancient legends, with The Paladin being Sir George. Due to surpassing even Satan in power in it's universe, The Dragon is not only not hated by Dragoras, but actually feared by them due to how chaotic The Dragon is. In fact, The Dragon is so powerful Dragoras have to hide in limbo to prevent the universe from overloading each time The Dragon appears, though Ultimoria is unaffected by this; Any Dragora or Dragoria spawned near The Dragon will simply flee and despawn.
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