KAS Erymanth Picture

Name: Erymanth (er-uh-man-th)
Alias’s: The Mountain God (Arcadia), Juggernaut Boar (Hyperborea), Saber Tusk (Atlantis)
Factions: Rogue, Echidna’s Brood (via family), Valhalla Valor
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Kaiju Rank: 5
Height: 56 Meters at the shoulder (head is around 45 Meters)
Length: 134 Meters long (excluding tail)
Weight: 86,000 Tons
Land Speed: 150 – 300 MPH (top speed only in straight lines at highest momentum)
Burrowing Speed: 60 MPH
Swim Speed: 25 Knots (when not hydroplaning via use of his power and a straight shot)


Super Strength –
Erymanth is a stocky and heavily muscled creature, even without his primary ability he would be able to toss and run into the ground kaiju twice his size. It would take a kaiju several times his size, a rank 6 of no small caliber to even give him pause. Other kaiju with super strength or similar abilities can grapple on even footing with him if they are within one step of his rank. Thanks to his primary ability however, even the slightest of blows can send his enemies tumbling away from him.

Gore –
Like any boar, Erymanth has deadly tusks that can rip and tear into his enemies. Erymanth’s in particular are massive scimitar like protrusions that seem to be made out of a dense material even harder than his armor. This deadly set of oral weaponry is strong enough to smash through hill sides and sharp enough to pierce most kaiju hides. Only the most formidably armor could survive being hit and even then it would most likely be horribly dented upon impact.

Rampage –
The boar of ancient Arcadia is straightforward in all things, including combat. More than not he will repeatedly run over his opponent, giving them few opportunities to counter attack. His hooves are sharp and cloven, crushing his foes like grapes beneath his fury. This approach also makes him particularly dangerous to fight in cities or other crowded areas where he can simply smash through obstacles and drive his opponent into a corner. The boar’s ability to generate mass destruction is among the greatest in the world.

Quake –
Using his primary ability along with his already formidable strength, Erymanth can rear up and smash down; causing a shockwave that can level sky scrapers and send enemies flying. If he gets a running start it’s even worse. At top speed and with a solid leap, Erymanth can leave a crater inducing smash that can leave a quarter of a metropolis in ruins. Things that happen to those caught underneath him are best not mentioned.

Assault Carapace –
The armored plates that adorn Erymanth’s front quarters, head and down his entire back are to protect him from whatever he happens to be smashing into. The red blade like plates along his back are something like a natural cow-catcher, cleaving debris and foes swept over his head in two and diverting them out of his way. While not as sharp as his tusks, they can cause grievous lacerations and even bi-sections of kaiju several ranks below him should they be caught on them in mid-charge. The back spines also protect him from attacks coming above him and can actually deflect basic projectiles away from him while he is in motion. The yellow plates along his limbs, shoulders and belly are dense and rubbery, absorbing and dispersing impacts. In general, the carapace is a tough shell that shields the rest of him while charging. Any attacks coming at him straight on will more than likely be futile.

Unstoppable –
Erymanth’s primary ability is that simply put, he cannot be stopped. If Erymanth is able to move freely, a phenomenon of physics allows him to thunder his way through any obstacle. Said obstacle is either blown apart, tossed aside, or unceremoniously crushed. Kaiju and things laden with enigma can generate sizable resistance to this effect (see weaknesses). At his absolute top speed however Erymanth is impossible to stop by any force save that of his polar opposite. Erymanth is the very definition of Unstoppable Force, thus only an Immovable Object would be able to halt his advance. No one knows what would happen is such absolute forces collided but it’s speculated that both would perish. In order for Erymanth to stop himself, he has to equalize his intent going forward with that of going backward which will gradually work his ability against itself and allow him to stop. Though like any object in motion, his stopping distance increases significantly the faster he is going when he attempts this. Erymanth has enough experience with this power to use it in unconventional ways, such as using it during a body slam or stomp to induce enough kinetic force to cause a large shockwave/earthquake. Since his encounter with Heracles Erymanth can now use it to hydroplane across a body of water, even ones as large as an ocean with enough speed. Though amassing such momentum would require either a lot of room or outside help. Erymanth’s mind is also influenced by this effect and once dead set on a course of action; he will see it through with the tenacity of a freight train. Pain and injury be damned.


Belligerently Stubborn –
Erymanth can be reasoned with if he is docile. Once he’s made his mind up on something or enraged however Erymanth’s determination is beyond the impossible. This can lead him into situations where he’s at a disadvantage or causing more harm than good. Once he’s decided something, it’s very hard for him to change gears without an overwhelming amount of resistance or reason to do so. He tends to get depressed when his decisions have unforeseen and horrible consequences (such as the case with Adonis). Ultimately he could charge to his doom and not realize it due to how narrow his tunnel vision gets. When fully enraged he’s all but inconsolable.

Pork Chaps –
The powerful boar is an indomitable force so long as he’s going forward. His carapace however does not completely protect his backside or his sides, leaving these areas vulnerable. His hairy hide is coarse, bristly and thick but not made for prolonged abuse and he can be brought down with enough kaiju level hits to these regions. Even then he is a sturdy creature with plenty of stamina which means even when attacking these areas; it will be a long fight. It also is considerably more vulnerable to energy attacks and elemental powers; Heavy Artillery that isn’t specifically anti kaiju stings but otherwise hardly fazes him.

No Ranged Attacks –
Exactly what it says on the tin, Erymanth has no ranged weaponry and if he can’t reach his enemy, he can’t hurt them.

No Charles No! –
Erymanth normally can’t be mentally hijacked, especially during a fully committed attack. However if he is rendered immobile or otherwise not being aggressive, a suitably powerful psychic attack can disable him even more than the average kaiju. Attacking him in his sleep is a sure fire way to invade his mind.

Boar Senses –
While not as hindered as Cromyon when it comes to foul smells, Erymanth can be repulsed from a person, place or thing by a something suitably vile; if suitably angered though he’ll still charge it. Otherwise his sense of smell allows him to find things around him with a disconcerting level of accuracy. His ears on the other hand are quite keen and extremely loud noises are worse for him than other kaiju, giving the powerful boar severe migraines. They also serve as one of the fastest ways to make him absolutely livid. His eye sight is actually rather acute but Erymanth does not see as well in the dark as some predatory kaiju are known to.

Enigma Friction –
Erymanth’s strongest ability has one loophole. The same source that powers his ability to smash through things can also slow him down. It’s part of the reason that Erymanth is able to stop himself though understandably with some difficulty. However, the amount of enigma necessary to slow him down increases with the amount of momentum he’s accumulated. Thus at his maximum speed, the only thing that can stop Erymanth is either himself or a force of enigma equivalent to his own yet opposite. Before that Unstoppable Force Event Horizon is reached however, enough Enigma laden attacks can grind him to a halt. As such, Erymanth has to stay clear of most projectile attacks kaiju bring against him if he wishes to keep accumulating momentum.

While the initial impression of Erymanth is a volatile force of literally unstoppable rage, the kaiju class hog is a genuine force of good in the world. Like his mundane cousins, Erymanth is very protective of his charges and family, seeking to ensure their quality of life and the freedom to enjoy it. He doesn’t care too much for restricting laws and large sprawls of confining government that man insists on building. Erymanth feels such things inevitably lead to corruption and lies which are breeding grounds for threats. He’s much more comfortable with rural communities and large areas of natural wilderness than the gleaming cities that still stand in this era by some miracle. As such, he doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about demolishing a city in pursuit of his enemies or to send a message that he is not to be trifled with if he feels they’ve over stepped their boundaries. While they existed the Arcadians were his primary concern and he looked after them as if they were his own children. In the current era, Erymanth is relieved of his burden and his primary concern lies with his mate Cromyon and her family. Still, Erymanth does not take undue pleasure from destruction and it’s not his aim to crush humanity unless they bring harm to him and his beforehand. Undisturbed, Erymanth can be surprisingly docile. His diet is that of an extreme omnivore and as such he spends a majority of his time eating minerals, tree roots and the occasional mutant grub. Like many kaiju, what he needs to eat and the amount he’s capable of eating are vastly different and often the only sign he’s been somewhere is a torn up hole in a forested mountain side every couple of months. He prefers to spend his time in the mountains away from prying eyes as unlike Cromyon he cannot change his size in order to hide. The boar carries himself with a sense of marital pride and respects other kaiju that share that sentiment. He is a bit competitive and will form friendly rivalries with such kaiju providing they aren’t sadistic monsters or dominating tyrants; in which case he’d rather just destroy them. Erymanth does not trust psychics or other creatures that manipulate the mind and will instantly put himself on the offensive upon realizing that he’s facing such a force. Creatures that simply use telepathy to speak are regarded with close suspicion until they prove they can be trusted. Erymanth has a number of unusual personality quirks. He will tend to refer to close friends and allies with the title ‘Comrade’ before their name and will make promises on his ancient homeland of Arcadia should he intend to throw his all behind achieving something or to show he takes a matter very seriously. He will often refer to it as ‘Mother Arcadia’. His accent also makes his ‘T’s sound like ‘D’s and his speech is choppy but to the point. To this day the boar is strangely patriotic concerning the mountainous paradise he once protected and may one day return to reestablish his territory.


Among the great hero Heracles’s many labors, there were many a powerful beast that threatened to do him in before he could find redemption in the eyes of the gods. The Nemean Lion with its invulnerable hide, the Hydra with its seven poisonous and ever regenerating heads, and even the dreadful guardian hound Cerberus of the underworld were among Heracles’s foes. During his 4th labor, Heracles was sent to subdue a savage and mighty boar that ravaged the slopes of Mount Erymanthos and was already known for a number of deeds given to it by the gods. Despite hardship and the loss of a close friend, Heracles prevailed against the brutal creature using wit and cunning to take it alive. His success being a source of great humor and heroism for ages to come…

…A more brilliant half truth has hardly been told before or since. In truth the Erymanthian Boar was a powerful force of nature that neither ‘god’ nor ‘titan’ controlled; just as powerful if not more so in its own way than the dreaded Pegasus but not nearly as prolific. The reason for its subdued note in the annuals of history and myth being that it was not a predator but a zealous guardian.

No one knows exactly when Erymanth, the great boar of Arcadia came into being. In its youth it hoofed its way south from the far northern reaches of the world, apparently escaping some cataclysm that had taken place there. It settled in the rural mountain woodlands of what would be Arcadia and decided to stay. There it grew to a toweringly formidable size, battling countless lesser beasts and would be predators until it became the unquestioned ruler of the region. It was then that the tribes took note of the great boar and heralded the beast as a native god of the area. Naming the boar after the central mountain range where it made its home, the tribes began giving offerings to it and the boar slowly accepted the tribe as a fundamental aspect of its domain. Surprisingly the creature spoke in a smattering of an old tongue that carried the iron resolve of the far north, adapting the Arcadian dialect to its own. Despite its power it was a reclusive and docile thing that as a young adult had little desire to risk itself in the furious disputes taking place elsewhere across the world. Occasionally however, a threat would present itself in search of energy that gave such creatures like Erymanth life: Enigma, a then unknown substance that had countless other names but the same general meaning. Erymanth was forced to defend itself against such hungry adversaries and with every victory grew in power and experience. Eventually the reason for the surge of rivals made itself known. The four empires that had emerged had swelled to the greatest extent they ever would, annexing region after region in a bid to consolidate their power. Inevitably the two strongest became adversaries, unable to reconcile their differences and made war on each other. In the ensuing conflict, many native tribes were either driven from their lands or forced to adapt as citizens for either empire. These refugees could not face the awesome power wielded by Atlantis and Hyperborea and thus could only flee in the face of such superiority. Arcadia soon became the last bastion in much of the Mediterranean for the old ways and those who knew of Erymanth grew. Hyperborea intended to claim all mountainous regions of the northern territories, not only for their strategic value but also for the minerals and alloys needed to produce their golems, titanic war machines and laborers that did the work of hundreds. It was not long before Hyperborea attempted to claim Arcadia for itself. This would prove to be the first sign of things to come.

The tribes were desperate and angry, intending to go down to the last man in defense of their culture. A priestess amongst them known only as Potnia Theron, The Animal Mistress, took it upon herself to ask their guardian god for aid. At first Erymanth was uninterested in meddling in the affairs of humans, having only fought the monsters that came looking for it first. When Potnia Theron explained that the empire of Hyperborea had mighty constructs of stone and would build their cities over their sacred hunting grounds…and Erymanth’s own territory, the boar finally got its dander up enough to offer its aid if needed. In the coming conflict, the warriors of the tribes fought as they had never fought before, surprising the Hyperborean infantry. Not wanting to have an embarrassment to his name, the general called in the golems to turn the tide in his favor. Despite their numbers and drive, their make shift weaponry was useless against animated stone over ten men high. Potnia Theron blew the horn and a bellowing squeal pierced the chest of every Hyperborean man still standing. The golems paused, waiting commands. It was then their world exploded into a storm of pounding hooves and shredding tusks as Erymanth leveled his rage at the Hyperborean army. The golems were broken as if porcelain and the infantry ground into paste. The general lost all control of his bowels and waddled to his eventual escape and later demotion. This then young general went by the name of Eurytheus. At the end, Erymanth stood triumphant in defense of his domain and the Arcadians cheered.

Word soon spread of the power of Erymanth and Atlantis decided they had nothing to gain from testing the boar, letting it and the people it guarded free of their influence so long as they did not infringe onto Atlantian territory; this state of forced indifference and segregation between the tribe’s people and the citizenry of the empires lead to some bizarre theories and jokes about the region. The image of Arcadia’s untamed wilderness and relaxing days of shepherding became something of an innocent ideal that would be passed down through the ages. For Atlantis, it was simply an assured buffer zone between them and Hyperborea and they were willing to leave it as such despite Erymanth’s power being a tantalizing lure. Hyperborea was disgruntled and infuriated over this smear against an otherwise flawless record. It got worse when Atlantis finally brought forth their own guardians and took Hyperborea to task. The eventual result of these series of battles of course being Pegasus, spawned from an ill fated letting of Echidna’s own blood. After several calamitous battles that ultimately lead to Pegasus disowning his family and vice-versa, the rampaging beast went on a tour of the ancient world. Striking sporadically in the low lands and then retreating to the mountains, Pegasus gained a name for itself as demon of the sky and the tribes began to fear it would try settling nearby. Erymanth could occasionally hear the shrieking whinny of the deranged horse-bird but decided if it was causing the Hyperborean’s problems it couldn’t be all that bad a creature. During this time Erymanth had finally reached his full adult size, towering over the hill sides he once peeked over. It didn’t take long for the enigma thirsty Pegasus to catch the boar’s powerful scent and the creature took wing in search of him. It didn’t take long for the two to find each other, each sizing the other up as near equals in the realm of giant monsters. Erymanth knew only a smattering of Atlantian but the words ‘Dead’ and ‘Meat’ were all he needed to hear to guess the creature’s intent. The ensuing battle shook the mountains and tore the skies asunder. A billowing storm thundered over the furious exchange that sent rivers of blood to drench the fields and forests. The tribes prayed and performed their rituals in hope for their guardian to defeat the ferocious predator. It was several hours later that Pegasus finally took wing and left, a chunk of boar flesh hanging from its jaws as two of its legs hung awkward and broken in the air. Trails of blood sweeping in wispy arcs from its haunches and flanks where deep lacerations penetrated the flesh, the white skin deeply bruised and swollen. Erymanth stood huffing in frustration as it shook rime and ice from his carapace, the chunk taken from his side bleeding copiously along with countless other slashes across his body. Ultimately neither kaiju had won the battle in a decisive sense, but ultimately both got what they wanted. Pegasus had claimed a large chunk of Erymanth’s thick and enigma rich hide with which he would not only heal but grow even larger to become a sizable threat to any who would enter his domain. Erymanth meanwhile never saw or heard of Pegasus again, the horse-bird deciding not to risk near disembowelment until it had achieved a size and power enough to overwhelm Erymanth. This battle only served to increase the reputation and fearsome notoriety of both kaiju which only frustrated the Hyperboreans even more. If Pegasus couldn’t take down the boar then nothing they currently had could either. On top of all this, the battle with Pegasus had made the boar lose any hesitation when it came to protecting himself or his territory. When Hyperborea decided to see if the boar was weak enough to take down after his battle with Pegasus, they were utterly annihilated and several city states were leveled before the boar trotted back to Arcadia proper. The boar would return to a growing problem of megafauna and other bizarreness that would keep his people busy for quite some time.

While Hyperborea tried…and failed…and tried again to deal with its wild and sometimes enemy kaiju problems, Atlantis was dealing with a more civic issue. A new idol amongst the courts by the name of Adonis had maidens and courtesans wetting their linens as men arranged themselves into the usual camps of ‘hate’ and ‘envy’. He was the talk of the empire and his athletic feats were as stunning as his charisma. Even the Olympian Council was commenting on him. Aphrodite was the most captivated of all, determined to snag the piece of ‘real estate’ for herself. She was slightly put off when it seemed Adonis loved himself more than everything else. Aphrodite, for the first time since her childhood, had to actually work at getting a man’s attention. Of course, these antics only served to drive the gossip mill into overdrive and drive half the male population in Atlantis into a frenzy. The women likewise felt out competed and raged even harder. Zeus demanded an answer to these shenanigans to which Aphrodite merely gave a knowing wink and said it would be handled soon. Try as he might, Adonis’s act of conceitedness couldn’t hold up against Aphrodite’s strangely honest seduction and the two became ‘off the market’ with one another. Much to the relief of the council…save for a certain angry and rather bitter general. While the frenzy over Adonis had died down somewhat now that he was taken, interest in the most captivating couple of the ancient world had information brokers out in force. One of them in particular, a future scribe with an desire to uncover ‘the truth’, came very close to telling the world the full story of Adonis and Aphrodite, at least in a detail that would have caused a either a massive witch hunt or a revolution. This prototype of the modern journalist nearly got away with the discovery that Adonis was an Arcadian who secretly practiced his tribe’s rituals away from prying eyes. The day he discovered this, Adonis had decided to share this very personal secret with Aphrodite who honestly was intrigued with the complexity of the man she had courted. Unfortunately for the scribe, the nature of the ritual was just as ‘captivating’ to him as it was to its participants and Aphrodite took notice of him and took measures against the threat of exposure. Ancient technology is rather unforgiving and with the natural of what he had seen casting his information in a perverted light, the scribe was humiliated into silence and darkness…as a man blinded by a cornea shearing light.

The man’s story was not over, for the man’s father was none other than Apollo; the god of light, healing, the arts…and a god of battle should it come to it. Or at least, that is how he would be known eons later. Amongst the Olympian Council he was a surveyor of those areas and an archer of such skill to match his twin, the huntress Artemis. Apollo had strong standing amongst the council, being responsible for the subdual of Pythos and by extension the creation of their strongest defenders, the brood of Echidna. Within Atlantis, information could be verified from firsthand accounts, even from the eyes of the dead by means of an optical scry. So long as the eye was unblemished, and the brain intact, a device designed by Apollo and brought to practicality by Hephaestus could recover information seen by the user…and sometimes victim. Apollo had sought to create the devices as means of enforcing truth and order; however Aphrodite had effectively skewered the fatal flaw in the devices mechanics, rendering it useless in proving his son’s case. Apollo had no legal recourse and fumed at this titanic insult to his legacy. He wished to strike back at Aphrodite, a blow to equal the disablement of his son. Aphrodite was usually flighty and as ethereal as perfume, going from lover to lover as the mood took her. It was hard to deal any lasting damage to one who was nearly shameless. However, it seemed that Aphrodite had invested quite a bit in Adonis, especially in reacting so strongly to being watched when she normally just invited the third party in to join. Apollo’s issues were not as transparent to everyone as he thought for Ares, the other aggrieved party in this matter made his connection known. He did not take Aphrodite’s complete dismissal of him well and her sudden, strong attachment to Adonis. Upon Apollo telling Ares what his son had discovered but was unable to prove, Ares practically burst into flames. The idea of not only being jilted but jilted for a savage foreigner had lit a fire of hate in Ares so hot it could melt mountains if made tangible. To this end, Ares conspired with Apollo to avenge each other’s humiliation.

Unlike Apollo who simply wanted Adonis similarly struck with misfortune in an ‘eye for an eye’ sort of fashion, Ares was not content with merely crippling or even killing him. He wanted both Aphrodite and Adonis to suffer for twisting his heart strings in a knot. This called for a plot most diabolical and savage. Calling upon his aviary of personal Harpies, Ares used a belittling reminder of Aphrodite’s affections – her perfume – to douse them all in her familiar scent. He then sent them on a specially selected route…the first stop being Arcadia. Upon arrival the foul bird women proceeded to do what Harpies are known for, defiling the area and tormenting every soul in sight. Nothing is sacred to Harpies, the world is their latrine. The Arcadians attempted to drive them off but these Harpies were as cunning as they were viscous. Trained by the ‘god of war’ himself, the Harpies knew how to avoid volleys of arrows and make aiming difficult. As soon as they thought the bird women were grouped for an easy shot they would scatter and relieve themselves on more sacred works. The aged Potnia Theron called out to Erymanth for vengeance to be meted out upon this personal insult sent by Atlantis. Despite having the advantage of flight, the Harpies were in dire peril as Erymanth swung his tusks at them in wide, sweeping arcs. Having gained his attention, the Harpies took off with the enraged boar in hot pursuit. It wasn’t long until the Harpies briefly dove into the shelter of a splendid community that was one of Aphrodite’s most prized areas of entertainment and festivities. Upon noticing the bird women, the courtesans and pleasure dealers immediately tried to shoo them away, guessing the perfume wearing Harpies were a mean spirited prank by Ares. The residents soon had more dire things to complain about as Erymanth thundered his way through the walls and began systematically running and rooting every building he could find. The scent of Aphrodite’s perfume was strong here…surely it was the source of the foul bird creatures that had desecrated his people’s most sacred sites. Erymanth needed no other validation as he allowed his rage to consume him, the earth roiled and cratered under the boar’s rampage as what was once a pristine region of relaxation and pleasure became a warzone with Erymanth as a constantly moving ground zero.

It wasn’t long before Aphrodite and Adonis, heading to this location, discovered this horrific scene for themselves. Aphrodite went to call for the guardian kaiju but was surprised to find that Adonis recognized the titanic boar. Not knowing why the Erymanth, his people’s guardian, was rampaging all over one of the least fortified Atlantian City States, Adonis desperately chased after the boar along the roof tops. Despite her urgency, Aphrodite found that the kaiju were not at their usually patrolled regions and in fact were all at the capital, miles away and oblivious to what was happening. Even Ethon was unavailable. Aphrodite then caught sight of the Ares’s Harpies taking wing in the chaos back to Atlantis proper. The scent of her perfume was instantly recognizable as she put two and two together in abject horror. However she had made this connection too late as she looked to see Adonis finally make his way to the boar’s flanks. Gripping the coarse hair as a flea would grab hold of a dog. He slowly but surely made his way to the boar’s face, screaming through the dust and flying bits of marble to stop. Erymanth was too far into his rage to comprehend what he was hearing and who was saying it. The boar only cut loose a guttural roar and began to mow down the central plaza. Time and again Adonis screamed at Erymanth to stop but the boar kept going. Finally aiming for the temple, Erymanth charged as Adonis screamed at him one last time, the man slipping from the boar’s face and was tossed through the explosion of stone and gold as Erymanth trampled the temple into dust. After thoroughly gutting the interior, Erymanth caught a familiar scent. The red falling away from his vision, Erymanth hesitantly rooted through the rubble; impaled on a large shard of polished marble lay Adonis. The scent of an Arcadian finally reaching the boar; Erymanth snuffled in confusion and deep regret. His people were not supposed to be this far south, why was this man here? Erymanth had unknowingly crushed one of those who worshiped him and the boar, unable to pick the man up, pawed a circle around Adonis and marked it as his before slowly trotting back to Arcadia. Aphrodite was the only one to run into the strongly scented ring and wept over Adonis’s gutted body. She managed to compose herself enough to ensure that nothing else went near him. It wasn’t more than a few days later that Potnia Theron herself and a large entourage arrived and with the grim task of taking Adonis back to Arcadia to be buried; Erymanth visible nearby. The news spread quickly and Atlantis became doubly shocked at Adonis being both Arcadian and being dead. Ares took a sidelong glance at Apollo during the commotion and grinned. The Olympian Council didn’t have to intervene as Aphrodite took it upon herself to deal with the Arcadians. Potnia Theron expressed regret that Adonis’s path had taken him to an ironic end. By attempting to understand and explore the world outside his people he had ended up being destroyed by the guardian of his own people. Potnia Theron did not care to hear what circumstances lead to Adonis’s death; the Arcadians took his body and left as soberly as they arrived. Potnia Theron telling Aphrodite that while Adonis had brought this on himself, Erymanth’s rampage had been justly provoked and that should it escalate any further than that, Erymanth and all of Arcadia would do much worse to them in kind and not care for what would come upon them afterward. With that they had left and Aphrodite had an ex-lover to demand answers from.

Upon returning to Atlantis, it did not take long for Aphrodite to find both Ares and Apollo, thick as thieves over a bottle of ambrosia. Upon seeing her Ares adopted a smug expression while Apollo settled for stoic. Upon inquiring rather heatedly about the Harpies, Ares explained they were on a new patrol route. The bird women were cunning but took awhile to adjust to new patterns so some ‘error’ in their flight path was to be expected. As for the perfume, he certainly had no use for it so he had used it on the Harpies because it suited them. Unable to find an error in his alibi, Aphrodite rounded on Apollo and asked why there were no kaiju around to at least hold Erymanth at bay while he rampaged through her resort. Apollo replied that he had arranged for the kaiju to come for a day to Atlantis for one of his art workshops. He wanted the faculty and their students to be able to capture the imagery of the kaiju as best as possible. It had only been for a day and there were no immediate concerns along that part of the region so Zeus had agreed to it. Aphrodite finally realized the full scope of what had transpired and slipped into her familiar and cunning mask. She assured the two that she’d let this tragedy and all of the damages slide…so long as Arcadia remained off Atlantis’s radar. Apollo gave an incredulous look to Ares and the general rolled his eyes before waving it off and saying the Arcadians weren’t worth the trouble. With that Aphrodite left the two to debate over the measure of their methods and secluded herself in her bedchambers to sort out her emotions. It is said that Aphrodite never allowed herself to be that close to anyone ever again.

For the Arcadians, the issue was dealt with via going even further into seclusion. This new level of secrecy caused the Arcadians to come into contact with the centaurs who had taken to hiding as well during these turbulent times. Despite some initial hostility, Chiron managed to work out a peaceable and rewarding existence with the Arcadians who shared a number of his naturalistic beliefs. In return for aiding Chiron and his followers in their endeavors, Chiron managed to convince the Titanomachy and by extension Heracles, that Erymanth was not a threat so long as him and his people were undisturbed. Kronos had more pressing things to do deal with and Atlas agreed that the Arcadians were a counter intuitive group of people, only dangerous when suitably provoked. Otherwise they were neutral party that didn’t treat with any of the empires. Erymanth was a powerful force but one that could be avoided by simply not pissing him off. Unlike Pegasus who continued to harass Hyperborean towns with a hunger bordering on vendetta. Erymanth spent quite a few years not doing much of anything. There was a skirmish through the area when the Minotaur, en route to do cruelty to some unfortunate Hyperborean settlement, earned the attention of Pegasus who was intending to rampage through the settlement himself. The battle was brutal as most of tend to be when the Bloody Prince of Storms is involved but ultimately the Minotatur’s near blindness cost him victory. The raging horse-bird confused the hulk with pounding hail that dulled its other senses to the point where Pegasus was able to swoop in and tear a sizable chunk of flesh from the creature’s neck, its only real weak spot. Screaming like a wounded child at the sudden severe injury and terror inducing elusiveness of its foe, the Minotaur retreated back to Crete and to the punishment of its father. Pegasus once more healed its injuries and spent time recovering in the mountains while its body grew slightly larger yet again. Erymanth merely snorted upon hearing its victory cry, knowing that sooner or later he’d have to face the blood thirsty predator again someday.

One day Erymanth caught an peculiar scent, distinctly different from his own yet intriguingly familiar on some primal level. The scent tickled some foreign part of the boar’s brain and Erymanth found he couldn’t sit still. Struck with wanderlust, Erymanth left the mountains for the first time in years in search of the scent. Avoiding the major settlements, Erymanth forged a path through the wilderness and toward the eastern coast. Near Corinth he finally discovered the source of the scent, the source being Cromyon the sow kaiju of Atlantis. At first he was confused at how small she was. She got a lot bigger rather quickly and faced off with the larger boar demanding to know why he was here. Erymanth’s Atlantian was rather rusty and he really couldn’t manage more than ‘Smell’ and ‘Good’. Of course, the last time Erymanth and smells were involved on Atlantian soil he destroyed Aphrodite’s temple. Cromyon had heard of the mighty ‘Saber Tusk’ some time ago and was intrigued that there was another boar kaiju like her. Knowing her duty and wanting to test him, Cromyon grew to her maximum size and squealed a challenge. Understanding the baser language of their species, Erymanth obliged and pawed the ground. The two butted heads and wrestled to flip one another over. While Erymanth held the advantage of general size and time on his side, Cromyon was every bit as stubborn and aggressive as he was, the two tussling around in circles that tore up the area and sent a storm of dust billowing out that was so dense you could see it for miles. After a great deal of effort, Erymanth managed to scoop Cromyon up and fling her into the sea just before she shrunk down to normal hog size. Realizing how far out she was, Erymanth dove in after her and let her climb up on his nose before taking her back to shore. Seeing that Erymanth was interested in her and not bulldozing another Atlantian settlement, Cromyon struck up a conversation with the rather smitten boar. Over the next few months Erymanth stayed with Cromyon and learned how to speak at least comprehendible if hilariously broken and accented Atlantian; Cromyon in turn learning about the boar and his life in Arcadia. Old Phaea really didn’t know what to think of Cromyon showing such tenderness outside of rearing the odd litter of piglets but Cromyon had never met another hog kaiju like herself and it was fascinating to watch. The commotion at night taking place over the hills kept Phaea up at strange hours but she knew that Cromyon was happy and that’s all that mattered.

Eventually word came from Arcadia that the Hyperborean military was flexing its muscles in their direction again, the news bringing a snort of anger out of Erymanth, the first since he arrived in Corinth. Both hog kaiju realized that they had their respective ‘human issues’ to look after as Cromyon was now one of the guardians of the chthonic gates. Erymanth said that he would visit as soon as he was able and that once Hyperborea was dealt with she might be able to come see Arcadia for herself. Cromyon said she’d like that and the two nuzzled before heading off to deal with their respective responsibilities.

Unfortunately fate had quite a deal of misfortune for every creature of that era. Cromyon was dispatched by Theseus during his mission to uncover the secrets of the gates and it was believed that she had perished to all but the Olympian Council who knew better; the fate of her last litter unknown. Erymanth was heartbroken upon hearing the news and couldn’t be roused for days. When Hyperborea next came knocking however Erymanth turned on them in a frothing rage and leveled settlements miles from the Arcadian border. This put even more pressure on Chiron to maintain his delicate balance of values, having to speak with the boar himself to keep the grief stricken creature from launching a suicidal assault against the Hyperborean capital, succeeding only barely. Chiron’s days were numbered when Pegasus was captured and plans were made to turn him into a weapon of war, his betrayal leaving him terribly wounded, ill with poison, and disillusioned with humanity as he and his kindred escaped across the ocean to the Americas. The Arcadians were left without a voice and Erymanth’s anger exploded to new heights as Hyperborea tested his patience. Throughout the year Erymanth ravaged anything of Hyperborean make and scent that came within his territory. Finally Kronos had enough of the belligerent creature and demanded solutions. Eurystheus, the fallen general now rising back into grace for his handling of the Hero Unit Heracles, advised that really no other hero unit was best suited for the task. Heracles remembered tales of the boar and Chiron’s warnings regarding it. What had first been a reason to avoid it was now a burning desire to set what was ‘wrong’ ‘right’ again. Despite what many would claim in myths eons later, Heracles was a consummate hunter and monster slayer even before he became a golem. He had no reason to ask for advice on how to hunt the creature but this battle would be tricky, as Eurystheus, wanting to rub in his imminent victory even more to his critics, asked for Heracles to bring the indomitable creature in ALIVE. Heracles hadn’t really ‘killed’ any of his kaiju targets per say but he did have to use over the top levels of force in order to defeat them. He did remember what Chiron had said about the boar: that its power was dependent on movement. If it could move, it was nearly invincible. The objective then was to somehow immobilize Erymanth and then incapacitate him. So Heracles waited until midwinter, when snow fell in droves as tall as a man and set out on his quest. Erymanth was busy rooting around in the snow, looking for giant tubers that grew from Pegasus’s battle with him so many years ago. Arcadia was a wild place with dangerous animals and sometimes dangerous plants, a no man’s land of natural beauty. Heracles stomped through it without hesitation as he shifted the massive coil of chains wrapped around his shoulder. His target soon became visible and Heracles picked up a large boulder and hurled it at the boar’s face. Erymanth stood still for a moment, lifted his head up, and slowly turned to look down at the large golem below him. The boar roared before exploding down the mountainside towards the hero. Heracles took the initiative to run. Heracles randomly uprooted trees and tossed them behind him as he ran, Erymanth snorting as he split them in twine with just his passing. The boar showed no sign of stopping as Heracles lead the raging hog into a deep valley. As they entered the center, Heracles leaped to the outer wall and punched it; the seismic force generating an avalanche that hit the boar’s side and stalled it. As Erymanth got up to struggling through it, Heracles shot an arrow at the snow cap of the other side, the chain reaction causing a second avalanche that sandwiched the boar in place. Snorting with rage, Erymanth struggled to keep moving forward. Knowing the boar was working his way out; Heracles raced to the end of the valley and with a mighty bellow slammed his fists into the crest of the mountain slope. The wave of snow carried Heracles over Erymanth and effectively buried the boar alive, stopping him completely. After Heracles shoveled his way out, he saw the red spines protruding from the snow and carefully cleared away the area around Erymanth’s head. The boar snarled in frothing indignation before Heracles brought his fist back and knocked the boar’s lights out. After making sure the boar was still breathing, Heracles dug the unconscious monster hog out and restrained every inch of the creature with massive chain. Unable to bite, kick, or even wiggle, Erymanth had no choice but to let Heracles heft him over his shoulders and haul him back to Hyperborea.

Eurystheus was sure that once they had the boar in their possession that he would be a legend. They would make the boar into a weapon just like Pegasus and then nothing would stop Hyperborea on land or in the air! He would be the reason for Hyperborea’s success! When he heard Heracles was returning with the boar he was ecstatic. However as soon as Heracles presented Erymanth to Eurystheus for inspection the weasel of a man’s legs started to shake. Erymanth leveled an eye at the pathetic excuse for humanity before him and squealed through the chains so hard it shook the walls; Heracles watching intently for signs that the chains might break. The primal fear that engulfed Eurystheus during his campaign to Arcadia all came rushing back and the man lost all control of his bowels once again, his tunic soiling itself beneath his fancy robes. Desperate to hide his shame and escape the boar’s menacing glare, Eurystheus leapt into a storage basin much to the amusement of his associates. Heracles asked with a hint of humor in his voice where he wanted the boar. Eurystheus, trying to recover some dignity, ordered Heracles to dispose of the boar as quickly as possible because the dimwitted golem had failed to effectively beat the spirit out of the creature properly! Heracles, not for the first time, rankled at the verbal abuse but obliged his quest giver and took Erymanth away from the nobles who were all having a wonderful time at Eurystheus’s expense. Heracles wandered the coast with the boar in a bad mood. The boar was not helping as it snarled out death threats in Arcadian, heavily accented Atlantian and even some horrible slang in Hyperborean; punctuating the last one with a copious amount of flatulence. For the first time since he became a Hero Unit, Heracles did not miss his sense of smell. Upon seeing Eurystheus’s personal trade vessel sailing into port, Heracles found the solution to BOTH his problems. Spinning the boar like a giant discus, Heracles released Erymanth into the path of the trade vessel and with a sarcastic ‘Oops…’ skipped the boar across the sea…and beyond the horizon. Erymanth’s ability to be unstoppable kept the boar’s momentum going miles and miles out to sea. While Erymanth’s body could take it, the chains couldn’t take the strain and failed to hold just as the boar ploughed into the opposing shoreline of what would become modern Sicily.

Weary and exhausted from being unable to move for too long, Erymanth followed his nose to a large cave near the coast. It carried an unusual smell, the smell of raw enigma. Enthralled by the lure of the element, Erymanth followed the scent to the back of the cave which was held over a small chasm going down an impossible to determine depth. Erymanth’s weight was too much for the cavern however and the floor and ceiling collapsed on him, causing the boar to plummet into the depths of the cave head first, naturally smashing through any and all obstacles on the way down. After it seemed like he would fall forever, Erymanth’s world exploded into light! He found himself falling into some kind of subterranean tropical paradise…that soon rushed up to meet him in person…face first. Upon righting himself and regaining his bearings, Erymanth began to explore this new world full of lizards and flying reptiles and trees even taller than he was by quite a margin. Erymanth had found an earth hollow, in particular, the Savage Chasm. The Arcadians did not last without their guardian, either enslaved or slaughtered like vermin. Some may have escaped far to the south to find new gods to worship and some may have stayed, hidden deep in the forests. Still others simply accepted a simpler existence as shepherds and farmers, keeping their rituals a secret much like Adonis had. Ultimately however, no people or empire escaped the cataclysm that claimed them all and eventually, all became dust and legends.

Present Day

With all the insanity going on the world, namely a party of heroic kaiju running around Greece and unearthing mythological creatures that many considered to be just that, as well as tensions rising in South America over the seemingly unstoppable onslaught brought by The Conquerors and their leader Vongo, seismic activity around the almost entirely water locked region of Sicily was not that eye catching. So it was with great surprise that Erymanth burst from underneath an olive orchard and saw the ‘real’ sun for the first time in thousands of years. The peculiars of the Savage Chasm had strengthened, hardened, and ironically preserved the boar as nothing in the vast world beneath the Mediterranean Sea ever died of old age…though the ecosystem of the earth hollow ensured that nothing weak ever lived for too long either. Erymanth could have feasibly survived another
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