The Villains Picture

Hey guys I am super sorry for such a long dry spell. I am easily distracted. But enough about of my ADD, I was going to wait to reveal these guys, but I could not wait. There are the villains that will 100% be in the Tyron comic. Some you know other you don't. I will give a brief summary of each villain from left to right top to bottom.

In a world were humans are not the only intelligent life on earth, there are races of gigantic creatures. The Bible called them Giants, most however call them Monsters. In recent times there are now called the DAIKAIJU. Like human some are good but these six are the worst enemies of our hero Tyron.
260 feet tall
This manta ray like monster Rayken has been hibernating in the deeps part of the Atlantic, called The Infinite Abyss, a newly discovered and seemingly bottomless pit. An underwater sea base near the site accidentally awoken the deep sea villain. Rayken is extremely greedy. Rumor has it that his lair is filled with treasure that he pirated from ships he sunk for thousands of years. He is not only amphibious, but he can also fly. Though he is deadliest underwater. The stingers on his tail are not filled with toxins like a sting ray, but rather a highly explosive chemicals. Just like any other deep sea creature he has bioluminescence, however he can use his to shoot his BIO LASER from this antennas.

290 feet tall
This monster is believed to be the creature that inspired the Greek minotaur myth. Only instead of part man, he is part dinosaur (aka dragon). What he lack in long rang attack, he makes up with brute strength. Detail about his origins are unknown for now. Though not stupid, he is slow and can be easily out smarted. However get him mad and he will go on an unspeakable rampage. But the real question is if he inspired the minotaur, what other beast from Greek mythology maybe real?

498 feet long
Some people believe they are gods and for this Daikaiju it is no different.Wether if he really believe he is one or just taking advantage of the Aztec people back then is debatable. Quez is a solar power monster, who can convert sunlight into his own energy like a plant. He can use this to nature plants (like he was suppose to) or convert it into his SOLAR RAY attack. He also has a regenerative abilities like a lizard. However he can not regrow his head if it blows up, but he can regenerate his whole body from his severed head.

268 feet tall
Details unknown

280 feet tall
The "Dragon of War" is the opposite of Tyron as well as his arch enemy. With the power to control weather and having knowledge of dark forbidden magic, Sensou and his army of Goblins have set there sites on taking over the world (insert M.Bison joke here) After awakening from a thousand year sleep he is back to conquer the modern world. With is STORM BREATHE and EF6 attacks he might just do it. Can Tyron stop this ancient evil?

202 feet tall
Deep in the caves of Iraq lives a monster that grow from a 6 foot tall creature to a 202 foot tall monster with the power of electricity. This "galvanized tooth" is literally hungry for power. With the power of electricity much like the other villains he hates mankind and has an is eager to destroy any major city. His MEGA DISCHARGE has to power to wipe out an entire city. Galvadon will stop at nothing to gain his full size and power.
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