HWE Ushi-Oni Picture

Name: Ushi-Oni

Alias: Gyuki

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Rank: 3-4 Kaiju/Megafauna

Race: Yokai, Ayakashi


Length: 48 ft. to 140 ft.

Weight: Well within the range of 186 tons


Bad Tides - Ushi-Oni are like walking ocean plagues that spread disease, curses and disaster where ever they roam or lair. They continually expel every ocean related disease or illness from their body without any real thought behind it. Simply coming into contact with an Ushi-Oni or a place where it has been in the last 24 hours could result in illness. They swim surprisingly well and are even able to skitter across the surface of the water to chase after boats or whatever else get's their attention.

Toxic Breath - Another attribute that makes Ushi-Oni extremely dangerous is how their bile and breath is poisonous and likewise their fangs can deliver a concentrated dose directly. This poison isn't dangerous to other Yokai that consume flesh that's been tainted by it. For the most part it can be considered a type of giant spider venom in aerosol form. Those bitten by an Ushi-Oni don't struggle for long.

Big Bad Bull - Every variety of Ushi-Oni have some form of bull anatomy to them and they grow massively sturdy horns to compliment their Oni level strength. While they do not reach the upper limits of Oni strength, Ushi-Oni are belligerent and tenacious bastards that can bulldoze nearly any obstacle they come across. These creatures can tear through warship hulls and trample over barricades to run down prey.

Beauty and Beast - Ushi-Oni often work together with other Yokai like Nure-Onna and Iso-Onna that live near ocean shores to ambush prey. The Onnas lure in victims and the Ushi-Oni pounces from hiding behind the rocks or in the water to deliver a single flattening charge and a bite. Once the victim dies from the venom, the Ushi-Oni bites it in half and leaves the other half to its partner or waits until the victim has been drained of blood by its vampiric counterpart. They have been used as 'mad dogs' by other powerful Ayakashi and Yokai as well. The Ushi-Oni doesn't care so long as it can wreck destruction and devour humans.


Oriental Faith- Ushi-Oni can be purified and exterminated by divine powers. Their curses, supernaturally aided diseases and venom can likewise be cured in this manner. Otherwise stumping conventional science.

Sadistic Brute - Ushi-Oni are notorious for both their cruelty and savagery. The worst and strongest of them will raid the same village over and over again to wreck havoc and devour the inhabitants until none remain. While this makes Ushi-Oni utterly evil and dangerous it also makes them predictable as they often can't help toying with and drawing out the suffering of their victims. As an Apex predator among Ayakashi, Ushi-Oni fear almost nothing and thus frequently underestimates its prey. When it's been proven wrong, it flies into a blind rage that be as much of a detriment to itself as it is to everything around it.


*after Nure-Onna*

"And Ushi-Oni?" Ruki asked. "So that's like some sort of cow demon?"

"More or less. Ushi-Oni actually come in many forms. Some are a Ox with an Oni's head. Some, like the common variety we are discussing that lives along the coasts of Western Japan have an Ox's head and spider's body. Others can even have an Ox's head and the body of a large predatory feline or even a that of a human."

"So like a Japanese Minotaur? We have those?"

"Less said about Minotaurs the better." Kaitheros muttered, remembering the ancient mistake of Crete. "But while there are many types of Ushi-Oni for the most part they have the same attributes."

"Charging blindly at anything red?"

"Charging blindly is certainly possible but color isn't much of a concern to an Ushi-Oni so long as it bleeds and screams. Ushi-Oni are akin to aquatic plagues that torment coastal settlements or anyone passing it's lair. Ushi-Oni are either active hunters or ambushers, much like modern spiders. The Ushi-Oni carries with it a great deal of dark energy that manifests as disease and curses where ever it travels or makes its lair. It has no conscious control over this power but that matters little when few things can impede a Ushi-Oni on the war path."

"They get pretty big?"

"Very, they are an apex predator of the Ayakashi and little fazes them. Their strength is such that they can rend great holes in the hulls of warships and trample through barricades and walls that humble humans try to erect or hide behind to stop them. What it can't smash through it usually skitters right over, allowing it to trample things in nearly any direction and over any terrain. It can even charge across the surface of the ocean should it feel it necessary to catch fast moving prey. Under the waves, not much changes."

"So they have some subconcious sorcery and the strength of an Oni. Anything really unique about them?"

"Ushi-Oni have a venomously toxic breath that quickly creates a miasma of sorts around them. It is much like an airborne strain of a giant spider venom enhanced by its Yokai nature. Their fangs and bile also carry this venom and deliver it in concentrated doses. It is not harmful to other Yokai when ingested which makes many of the alliances of opportunity it forges with the likes of Nure-Onna and Iso-Onna possible."

"I take it these things rampage quite a bit."

"Ushi-Oni are among the most notoriously savage and cruel of Yokai. The strongest of them will attack and torment the same settlement repeatedly until nothing living remains. They revel in destruction and death without much motive outside of their next meal which is always flesh and preferably human flesh."

"So it's like the 'family dog' of the Oni family."

"In a manner of speaking yes." Kaitheros grinned. "Ushi-Oni have been used as guardians and weapons of war by other Yokai as long as they have existed. So long as the Ushi-Oni has opportunities to feed and destroy it will obey. They quickly grow out of control however should its appetite for wanton slaughter be sated."

"So if you have to fight an Ushi-Oni alone what do you do?"

"Ushi-Oni are vulnerable to Oriental Faiths. Much of the damage and sickness they spread can be cured or negated through the sacred arts with the proper seals and blessings. Otherwise an Ushi-Oni's own sadism and cruelty are its greatest enemies. Ushi-Oni are aggressive and bullying to the point of stupidity and they frequently underestimate their victims, drawing out their suffering before devouring them. If it faces a challenge it cannot simply run down and bite to pieces it will fly into a frothing blind rage. At which point it becomes a predictable but still stubborn foe."

"What if you have to face an Ushi-Oni and one of its 'friends' at the same time?" Ruki asked.

"From what we know, if you can evade the Nure-Onna's initial ploy and bait the Ushi-Oni out of hiding, then you can swiftly turn the tables on them both. One has to simply lead the Ushi-Oni into a head-on collision with its partner and either the two Yokai will begin to fight one another or the Ushi-Oni will gore it's former partner to death and continue charging after you. Leading it into a well placed trap and exorcising it should be a fairly simple matter after that."

"You know...that the Ushi-Oni is often a giant spider like creature has me thinking...aren't there more legit spider yokai?"

"Indeed, and they craft much more intricate and devious traps for humans that are lured in chance upon them. Unlike the Ushi-oni, these are not Yokai that will tackle you head on and often when you are at your most vulnerable..."


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