Kohaku Badge Picture

This is a badge of my DND character Kohaku (who goes by Amber in game half the time cuz it's easier to remember). She is a rabbit Hengeyoukai scout. Hengeyoukai are a shape shifting race in Oriental Adventures, DND 3.5. I hope more of the races I like playing make it to 5.0. Like I'd want to be a lame Dragon Born or Tiefling when I could be a Satyr, Minotaur, Catfolk etc. Seriously tho, 5.0 doesn't even have descriptions for making the monsters characters D8 gonna have to home brew that shit if I want to play Freya in 5.0...

This is the first time I've drawn her that it got finished, so I'm glad to have visuals of each of her forms now :3 Her colors gave me hell though O.o But I just always saw her wearing yellow. I was thinking about this costume: static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__c… from a game I like, but oh man. I might change her outfit colors, not sure ; 3; I did a lot of research on the bow and stuff like that, but a real-looking Japanese longbow would not fit in here O.o 

This is like... a super badge XD
It looks waaaay better in person on my Instagram at kalo_mermaid :3
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