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For the fantabulous
Now, to clarify some things:

- Kheydra: the girl. She's a female warlock who once had no choice but to relive her life as a 12 year old girl when she was dying of old age in a government in turmoil. Yes, that's her at 12.

- Raffael: The guy with the "Dragoon rifle" at the back of the row. He's Raven's blood brother, obvious from his identical looks.

- Beowulf: The
minotaur with the black axe at the front of the row. Not much is known about him.

- Chances (for you who don't know): The handsome chap with his sword, The Figaro Mk. 2.

The scene's scenario: Chances and his party was just about to end their 3rd chapter in their odyssey by seeking help to a titan spirit, Pandemonium. By the time they arrived, Pandemonium suggested that they were to engage in a trial (one of the only ones, since other titan spirits hand out other tasks) before they acquire his relic, artifact and strength, and like in any RPG game, trials mean a fight.

They're in the final phase of the trial at the moment, but Pande moves first, according to the game.

I'm a big fan of Valkyrie profile... i think i'll shut up now.

Valkyrie Profile (c) (forgot company name)

Chances the brave (c)
Beowulf, Kheydra, and Raffael (c) me
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