Dullahan Picture

My first project for my Painting With Computers class, in which I needed to make a fantasy self-portrait. I decided to make myself into a Dullahan, which is a Celtic Fae with a mixture of Grim Reaper, Valkyrie, and Shinigami thrown in, which rides around on a black, skeletal horse, carrying its head in its right hand and a whip made of a human spine in the other.

EDIT 9/6/12-
I added smoke coming from my neck and made the whole thing have a more etched look.

EDIT 3/7/14-
I lightened the whole image up for viewing significantly, and turned the image into a movie poster for my portfolio. Also, the new logo I used for my studio and the site address aren't finalized or live yet, respectively.

Chad Savage's Ghastly Panic Font

Model: me
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