Blood Goddess Picture

In Shiseidan Mythology, Senketsuga, The Blood Goddess resembles as a succubus or a female minotaur, she feeds on the blood of the virgins, bathed, and even put it in elixirs, similar to Elizabeth Bathory, she was casted out of the Heavens and landed into the underworld, today the Succubi and Incubi Cults perform Sex and Blood sacrifices and rituals, but....the results are tragic, the bodies of the cultists all died as if their blood had been sucked bone dry, that is The Blood Goddess's wrath...

Name: Senketsuga no Kurimuzon
Age:1000,000 (age appearance is 29)
Species: Fallen Deity
Hair Color: Red and Black
Eye: Bloodshot Red
Body shape: Hourglass
Type of Clothing: Skimpy and Revealing
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