-CLOSED- Greek Belle adoptable Picture

Done for this contest, obviously I didn't won, as ever.

This is supossed to be my version of Belle, from The Beauty and the Beast. She is said to be a very beautiful girl, so I wanted to draw her as a sort of Helen of Troy, that's why she has so tanned skin. The drees and hairstyle are a mix between Disney Belle's and classic greek women oufits. I didn't put her any jewelry because on the movie she doesn't seem to have.

The beast of this beauty could be a minotaur, maybe. Greek mythology have a very large history of falling in love with extrange things, making love with extrange things and transforming people into extrange things, so is kind of appropiate.

Besides, this is a love story with roses, and Aphrodite is a (Very vengeful) love goddess who loves roses ;D

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