Ariadne and Aldebaran Picture

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole witness to history

Fleeting memories rise
From the shadows of my mind
Sing "nonomori" - endless corridors
Say "nonomori" - hopeless warriors
You were there
You were there

- You were There, Ico


after reading over the myth and how the Minotaur was conceived, it made me realize that he is the younger half-brother of Ariadne, the woman who helped Theseus to not only save the sacrifices but also slay him. Which gets me wondering if she is doing that in order to take him out of his misery or otherwise?

The shirt that Ariadne is wearing is based off of a t-shirt that I actually owned, I remember a teacher of mine that the logo on it symbolize the internal and external struggles that we go through. And to represent the Minotaur's imprisonment.

Aldebaran is named after the brightest star of the constellation Taurus which represents different bull-themed mythologies of Greco-Roman world. Mostly Theseus. He is also one of the figures that are depicted as the Hell's guardians of respective circles, his was the 7th for the Violent. His appearance is inspired by Ico

Ariadne is inspired by her namesake of the film Inception


Ariadne and the Mintotaur (c) Classical mythology
You were There (c) ICO
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