cadmus region sketches Picture

i still finishing my Sakura region but i already started my new region...Cadmus region,a place where all pokemon are based on legends,mythological animals,tales,myths and children's stories
this is only the begginng

Flogonir(2 versions)< Salabulla < ??? based on Bullar[link]
Taurid < ??? < ??? based on Minotaur
Jianly < Cyclopian based on a chinese bird called Jian[link]
Kaldren < Kappa < Kaldut based on Kappa
Pharauppy < ??? based on Anubis
Pouni < Duocorn based on Unicorn
Strawpig < Woopig < Embrick based on"3 Little Pigs"
Bandummy < ??? based on Mummy
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