Wonder Woman - The Greg Rucka Era Picture

Wonder Woman's costumes continued.

In 2002, fan-favourite Batman writer Greg Rucka took on the Amazon Princess for his graphic novel "Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia." Often cited as one of the greatest Wonder Woman stories of all-time, The Hiketeia featured Wonder Woman giving sanctuary to a young woman named Danielle Wellys. Unbeknownst to Wonder Woman, Danielle is being hunted by Batman and is wanted for the murder of several men in Gotham City. Having pledged "Hiketeia" to Danielle, the Amazing Amazon does everything within her power to prevent her from being taken away from Batman. Of course, she doesn't need to exert herself too much and manages to best Batman in combat. Against this backdrop, the Erinyes are surveying the situation. They drove Danielle to avenge the death of her sister and have made it clear that if Diana does not protect Danielle she will be held accountable for it. For newbies to Wonder Woman and lovers of Greek mythology, The Hiketeia is a must-read.

Due to the critical acclaim over the aforementioned graphic novel, Greg Rucka was appointed as the writer for Wonder Woman's title and he did not disappoint. For his first arc, Rucka re-established the character as an ambassador and based her out of the Themysciran Embassy. He created a diverse cast to fill the halls of the Embassy, including a Minotaur for a chef. He also introduced the nefarious Veronica Cale, a manipulative businesswoman intended to be Diana's Lex Luthor. Veronica re-captured Vanessa Kapatelis and further twisted her as the Silver Swan using her many scientific connections. Diana bested the Silver Swan once more and set out on a personal quest to not only rehabilitate Vanessa but to bring those responsible for her condition to justice. At the same time, Olympus was in a state of upheaval. Zeus' children had come to embrace the modern world and were growing increasingly dissatisfied with their father's politics. Athena appointed herself the leader of a coup that saw Zeus and his brothers removed from power. Before this could happen, Zeus and Hera got into an argument of divine proportions. Hera, fed up with Zeus' affection for the Amazons, voices her displeasure and this amplifies into a fight that results in Hera destroying Themyscira. The destruction of the island sees the escape of several of the criminals who were imprisoned on the island, including Circe and the gorgons Stheno and Euryale.

Now freed from her prison, Circe begins scheming once more. Her goal is to retrieve her daughter from the Amazons and exact revenge on Diana for her part in her daughter being taken away from her. Circe resurrects Medusa and sicks her after Wonder Woman. The conflict results in Diana slaying Medusa, but not before she blinds herself in order to be immune to Medusa's powers. Her victory would solidify Diana's place as Athena's champion. In turn, Athena asked that Diana go into the Underworld and prevent her uncles from furthering their plans to usurp Athena's newfound place on the throne. Diana succeeds and Athena gives Diana her sight back.

Following these first few arcs, Greg Rucka's run was derailed by Infinite Crisis. The onset of this event saw Diana coming up against Max Lord and the OMACs. It is revealed that Batman had a satellite that watched Earth's heroes and would strike them down should they ever get out of line. Max Lord takes advantage of this and subsequently uses Superman as his personal lapdog. Superman sets out on a mission to kill those Max Lord wishes to assassinate. Wonder Woman is the only obstacle in his way. When she wraps her lasso around Max Lord and asks how to release Superman from his control, Max tells her that she must kill him. Realizing the sober truth of the situation, Diana snaps his neck and saves Superman. This event would completely alter Diana's life. Superman and Batman instantly denounced her for her actions, thereby treating her as some kind of monster (thankfully, Diana gets a fantastic barb in about how Batman judges everyone but himself... MEOW!). To make matters worse, her murder of Max Lord was broadcast around the world. Diana eventually turns herself in for her actions and is pardoned, but before all of this can settle in she is forced to go back to Themyscira. With a global war breaking out, Themyscira is labelled a threat by the OMACs and the island is attacked. Wonder Woman joins her fellow Amazons, but the battle proves too great. To prevent further deaths, the Amazons remove their home from the Earthly plane. At the conclusion of Infinite Crisis and the Greg Rucka era, Wonder Woman would disappear and temporarily retire from heroics.

At the start of his run, Greg Rucka was joined by the fantastic Drew Johnson. Johnson reworked the Wonder Woman costume to be a completely new look, no doubt meant to modernize the Amazing Amazon. This look was typified by Johnson`s unique approach to the metallic elements. The belt was slung low on her hips and featured a ridge down the middle, the tiara featured a three-dimensional star, and the WW symbol featured two wings with a ridge in the middle. Beyond that, the bracelets were a little longer and her boots often featured white soles. It`s also worth noting that Diana was most consistently depicted with straight hair over the course of the Rucka era. When Johson wasn`t on art chores, the costume fluctuated and mostly reverted to the Perez costume.


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