Lady Faun :: Earth [JAC] Picture

Done for #JoGees current art challenge: Create an elemental character based on one or a mix of the four elements; earth, wind, fire, water.

I chose to do Earth and when it comes to the classical elements, mythology almost always comes to mind. I've drawn minotaurs but I've never drawn a faun and thought this challenge was the perfect opportunity to draw up a lady faun. Since fauns are usually associated with forests anyway, I decided to design her as a Mother Nature type character...think "Fern Gully" or something similar.

She has a gem that gives her all of her Gaia-like abilities. In my character's universe, some female fauns are born with the gem embedded into their forehead. All may show exceptional skills with magic and have a deep understanding of the forest and all who dwell in it, but only one can be chosen to act as queen or head priestess, the highest divinity rank.

I love using orange and brown palettes with bright hues for these kind of characters. Yep, she's a ginger.
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