A Mythological Mystery Picture

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A Mythological Mystery

In the summer of 1851 during an archeological exploration of a deep cave on the island of Crete Dr. Pharght of our institute un-earthed a clay vessel and upon breaking the seal realized it contained the remains of what had been considered a mythological beast, a small minotaur, half bull, half man! The mummified head remained intact but only fragments of cloth and bone remained of the rest of the thing. This priceless artifact has been examined by the leading experts and has been declared as absolutely real as you can see for yourself.

WARNING! When opened the container emitted a most foul smell which sickened the men in the party, and to this day the stench can occasionally be detected! It is advised visitors keep a safe distance from the jar, so as not to be offended by the smell.

Ref: Dr. G. Econowos

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