DZX, DXT: Labyrinth Xone Digimon Picture

Now that we've got some data 'bout Round 3, I've started making my own plans~

I already had something in mind planned ahead of time but with the recent info about Labyrinth Xone I had some new inspiration to tinker with.

Although the more mythological standpoint has the Labyrinth associated with the Minotaur, I took a different train of thought.

While some Minotarumon will be involved, primarily as referencial inhabitats, I instantly thought of Jim Henson's The Labyrinth as a source of inspiraiton.

Specifically we have two Digimon based from characters of that movie: Jarethmon and SirGaomusmon.

Jarethmon design wise is what happens when you take Bakugan's Spectra Phantom and label him as a Digimon. In all seriousness, he's a blend of Spectra and David Bowie's character of Jareth the Goblin King.

A Demon Man Type Digimon, he is the Goblimon King and is a mysterious resident of the Labyrinth Xone. He keeps an eye on the activity of the Xone by using countless Kuramon to inform him of events that may put the Xone in danger or amuse him.
As he generally keeps to himself inside the inner workings of the Labyrinth Xone, few Digimon are actively aware of of Jarethmon. His main form of company is his Ogre Army which consists of Ogre, Golem, Beast Man, Mineral and a few Insectoid Digimon.
If a wandering General, Hunter, Digimon or otherwise wanders into the Labyrinth Xone and starts to subcome to strange desires or horrific sights, it is due to Jarethmon's ability to project illusions.

SirGaomusmon is a Composite Beast Digimon that was born by two wayward Digimon fusing together to compensate each other's weaknesses. Its top half is a chilverous character who will try to defy all odds to help its friends or honor its duty. Its lower half on the other hand is not entirely likeminded and is known to run away when it knows the cards aren't in SirGaomusmon's favor. By most Tamers, Generals or Hunters, it's a loud, utterly useless Digimon who gets into arguments with itself through shrill barks. However, when both halves are able to meet a common goal, their combined power is awe inspiring. Its special move is Canine Calvery, where SirGaomusmon ferociously charges at the enemy, tackles, and finishes the battle with a fury of sword strikes.

As you can probably figure out, Jarethmon is one of the antagonists while SirGaomusmon teams up with Dan and Thrift to lead them through the Labyrinth Xone.
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