Archer from Sylvanost Picture

Finally finished! XD
Took me like the whole week... but I think it turned out pretty nice. Forgive the lackness of bkg, but you know me... I HATE bkgs... XD and I'm too lazy to draw 'em.
Hope you like this one. And now, lemme tell you a bit more about Luthien.
She's an archer from the elvish nation Sylvanost, and a personal guard of beloved princess Alhana. Luthien is really proud of her job, and, as a member of the House of the Protectory, she is a really skilled archer. She has to leave her beloved woods for a mission that was assigned to her by King Lorac. And, she ends up tagged along with a lusty human priest, an annoying kender girl, a slave minotaur, a noble human monk and a intelligent bard (whom is a gnome).
So, the adventure's just begun!


Finalmente lo termine! XD
Me llevo toda la semana, pero creo que me quedo bien. Disculpen que no le ponga fondo, pero ya saben... me dan mucha flojera los fondos... y no me salen Espero que les guste. Y ahora, les contare un poco sobre Luthien.
Ella es una arquera de los bosques elficos de Sylvanost, y una guardia personal de la princesa Alhana. Luthien esta muy orgullosa de su trabajo, y, como miembro de la casa de la Protectoria, ella es un arquera muy experimentada. Debe dejar sus amados bosques para cumplir con una mision asignada por el rey Lorac. Sin embargo, y por azares del destino, termina en el grupo de un clerigo 'del amor' (hippie), una fastidiosa kender, un minotauro esclavo, un clerigo noble y una gnoma trovadora... XD.
La aventura acaba de comenzar!

Sylvanost, Alhana Starbreeze, Lorac Caladon (c) Dragonlance mythology.
Luthien Thasantir (c) Kaysa 2005.
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