Proxy Blood - Deinos Picture

race: Minotaur
age: 37
height: 8'0" (including horns)
weight: 401 pounds
homeland: Crete, Greece

Born somewhere in India, this first-generation minotaur was praised as an avatar or deva until it came out that he was the son of a brahmin who revered cattle a little too much. A Greek merchant took him to Crete, to be with his own kind. His terrible attitude earned him the name Deinos. Things turned out well over time, and he became a world-class construction and demolition worker. A knack for knocking out weak points (of people or buildings) combined with tremendous strength earned him the status of the greatest minotaur fighter.

When he wins, the world goes somewhat back to normal, with people of all kinds filling human cities. Deinos' main directive to the world is to give all the many strange creatures in existence an equal chance. For the rest of his days, his hammer serves to modify buildings and doorways to accomodate different-sized creatures.
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