Contentment Begets The Tranquil Picture

An initial attempt at trying my hand at drawing minotaurs. Far from the ravenous monsters who devoured youths in Greek mythology, other mythologies present a more magnanimous creature, such as in Hindu mythology or Japanese own depictions of this creature.

Alternative lore, particularly in the modern-day works of fantasy series, have juxtaposed the minotaur from pacific, civil-minded social beings, to belligerently ruthless marauders or warriors.

My own take pertains a minotaur who savors the simple pleasures afforded by an agrarian life- the rise of early dawn, a field plowed and sown, the affections of children and wife- and whose desires extend to nothing but health in the family, a bountiful harvest and a good profit yielded from market.

This being a rather abstract piece, this fellow has yet to be named, but his story is simple and we can all glean the lesson of contentment as he gazes satisfied at his fields and fondly at his children frolicking nearby.
Possible Mughal era Indian (India) influences in attire and accessories.
Also, minotaurs are actually a good deal more fun drawing than werewolves- a sort of softened cordiality and earthiness abides in the visage and form of these creatures.
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