Megaman 10 mock-package Picture

My entry to the Megaman 10 package contest.

At first, when I spotted the news about the contest, I immediately got two distinct and perfectly clear images in mind, one for each category. It wasn’t completely intentional, but upon further inspection, both images are variations of the same theme: as you can see, Roll is in a position of relevance in both pieces. She’s the “core” or “heart” of the picture, placed at the point where all construction lines meet. Protoman and Megaman rear up behind her, drawn in a much bigger size... but so do the villains, all of them (and Bass, in this case).

As for the styles, I decided not to try and copy the original one, as much as to incorporate it within my own style.
The result is something that’s distinctly “Neme”, but also immediately recognizable as Megaman material.

In this version (NA) I went for mellow tones, and a simple colour scheme. It might be a risky choice, I realize; but it’s what my Muses dictated, and there’s no winning against the Muses. *chuckles* When it was time to paint the BKG, I was of two minds whether to use a dark or a light tone; the choice was between translucent skies and strings of clouds, or red flames on murky, pitch-black space depths. In the end, I decided upon a light background, with the space/night sky “exploding” from behind the whole cast.

Speaking of the cast, I had a blast drawing the Robot Master in a realistic style! It was really important to me to try and fit them all in. I wanted them look dangerous, vaguely eerie, but at the same time not to lose all those characteristic that are distinctive and peculiar to them.
So they have been given anthropomorphic bodies (apart from Strikeman, maybe?), and featureless faces with bright-and-cruel glass-eyes. Sheepman was turned into a sort of… sheep-taur? A creature with an animal’s head and a man’s body, like the minotaur from Greek Mythology.

Skull Castle was also a delight to design.
I couldn’t fit the in-game version of the foretress into my picture, so I re-invented Wily’s hideout in the shape of a (flying?) tower: an array of assorted pieces of hardware, metal parts, cables, tubes, etc, with the occasional skull poking out from here and there, grinning with wide, empty orbits into the depths of space.

Funny thing to mention: Bass has been drawn FOUR TIMES.

First, he wasn’t to be in the picture.
Then I hastily added him in.
Then I took him out for reasons of picture-balance.
Then I re-drew him.
Then I re-drew him again to try and make him look a little like the official Bass we can see in the pictures used as the Mega Man 10 box art and key art.
Then… I ended up fishing out of the trashcan the very first Bass, smoothing out the wrinkles, and furnishing him with that glorious purple visor seen in Gerald de Jesus (from iam8bit)’s art.
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