Myth Kids: Russ Picture

I am currently taking classes at the Animation Academy in Burbank, CA. This is part of what I developed during my first session there. This style is a new direction for my art, something that I have been curious about exploring for a while now.

Russ is one of three kid characters I designed for an idea I had where young mythical monsters would travel around, meeting other young monsters from various mythologies around the world. The initial group, Megan Russ and Ken, are all based on Greek mythos.

Russ is a minotaur calf. He's the oldest of the group, and is also the most responsible and least outgoing, though he has a big heart and cares dearly for his friends. He'll follow Ken and Megan into adventures even after trying to convince them against it, mostly because he knows he'll probably have to pull them out of trouble at some point (he does).

Full body rotation on top, with development sketches below to show some of the other looks Russ went through.
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