Naloth Picture

Name: Naloth

Age: 35 (Minotaur years)

Race: Minotaur

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful evil?

Height: 8'09" (not including horns)

Weight: 395 lbs

Eyes: Yellowish color

Skin: Has light and brown fur all over his body, a little golden color of fur on the top

Religion: Minothorian, Belief of the "Labyrinth philosophy" (formally but no longer a believer), Cult of Esurience (Malkirothism or sometimes called Order of King Sharzeh)

Body type: quite muscular, powerfully built legs with cloven hooves, huge golden claws, strong arms enough to toppled a giant stone pillar

Scars, tattoos, etc.: Has tons of whipping scars on his back, a slave label burnt mark on his upper back, has the Sevad style tattoos on his left arm and down to his forearm. He also appears to have more Sevad style tattoos on his back as well, some with the symbol of the Golden King engraved on it.

Apparel style: He wears a black loincloth-tunic with golden Sevad designs, rings on his horns, he wears black and golden armor shoulder plates on both sides of his shoulders, wears a nose ring with a golden chain connected to his right ear. He also appears to have piercings on his left brow and earnings precied on both ears. He bores double black strap going diagonally crisscross his chest with a golden skull-like emblem on the center. The straps also holds his Claymore blade. The black studded belt he wears has a golden demon-head belt buckle and appears to have chains on the skull, some which are carrying his money pouch, skulls of his victims and even a human hand.

Language: Minora (minotaur tongue), Common (English), Sevadian, Demonic, Orc, Troll tongue

Weapon: Claymore Blade, Shield, Gladiator blade, and a mace

Story: As a the elder brother of Cerberios, Naloth always sees himself as the more dominate one, even back when they where calves. However both calves lost their father on a ship raid by the Golden King's forces. The General of the Golden's King army looked down at the young Minotaur Calf with sadistic glee in his eyes, he knows that Naloth has potential compare to his younger brother. Both calves where taken into the general's ship and straight to the city of the Golden King in Sevad. Originally they where meant to be slaves, but the military leaders decided to trained them, and convert them to the Golden King's rule. Cerberios was indoctrinated and trained to serve the Golden King and pushes his authority on others, however his elder brother endured the WORST of the indoctrination and brutal training. They broke him down mentally and built him back up over the coarse of 10 years to serve as one of the Golden King's most powerful warriors and made him to be part of his military police force. Naloth grew up to be a monster, and torture and torment every slave that was given to him to break. He no longer believes in the labyrinth philosophy instead embraces the totalitarianism of the Golden King.
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