Minotauress Picture

She's lounging in the mediterranean climate.. in some.. lovely little.. er.. plaza.. and eating a plate of grass.. with a cup of.. umm.. wine perhaps?
I haven't drawn more than one or two female minotaurs before.. I noticed I made the head a little proportionally smaller.. most of the time I do a minotaur his head is so big, a human wearing a minotaur costume could peek out through his neck... but it looks organic somehow.. probably because cow heads are so long in length and short in height.
Oh, nice toga, eh? Minotaurs are quite fashionable (those that wear anything).
Umm.. a little about Minotaurs.. some have tails.. some don't.. and a few have hoof-feet.. adding to the confusion is the fact that a lot of warrior Minotaurs like to wear brass armor with fur on it, and often in the shape of cow-bits.. so you see a guy with hoof feet but theyre only boots.. or.. stuff like that.
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