Deimos Picture

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Creator's Name: Vanitra King

Characters Name:
Deimos ( means "dreaded" in Greek)


Race: Minotaur half-breed

Age: 27

Hair: Dark Gray

Eyes: Green

Skin: Redish Brown

Personality:Is very quiet and lonely at times. Doesn't trust people easily because they are fightened by him. Always tries to help defensless people in need.

Markings/Tatoos: Bull shaped and lines tatoo on left arm and under right eye. Has horns and a tail too.

Clothing: Leather under tunice with black side lacings covered by white robe. Leather chestband with minataur symbol on it. Black leather arm coverings with black lacings on side.

Accessories: Red and yellow beaded belt. Redish brown knee high sandales. Gold earing in right ear. Gold circlet on forehead. Leather band to tie backhair.

Weapons: Ragnarock his custom made battleaxe. Has a small mace attatched to it's hilt.

Abilities: Is very stong and powerful.

History: Deimos is the son of a minotaur and theif. When his mother was caught stealing from the palace in his country, she was sentenced to die in the labrythis guarded by a fierce minotaur. But when she came face to face with the beast she realized that he was only lonely. Over the next few months they became friends. The minotaur in return for her kindness helped her escape from the labyrinth. A few months later in a village far away from the labyrinth she gave birth to Deimos, but unfortunately died in the process. The villagers gave him that name because to be a minataur halfbreed was surely a dreaded way to live. Nobody wanted him so they sold him off to a slave trader who in return sold him to a kingdom that wanted a mintaur for their gladiator events. Over the next few years Deimos worked as entertainment for the king and his subjects, fighting criminals and other gladiators. He hated every second of it. One day while fighting in the arena Deimos was badly wounded by a challenger. Thinking that he would die, the king ordered Deimos to be killed by his guards. Gathering his remaining strength, Deimos faught them off and escaped from his captors. Now he's on a journey to make sense of what his is and to find his place in the world.
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