The Omega Gladiatrices Picture

Couldn't resist...

Metal, leather and blood. This is the motto of this daredevil bunch of warriors which claims to be the incarnation of mythological creatures, thanks to their above-average strength, skills and resistence, which can be only compared to their loyalty to each other. They carry the omega letter of the Greek alphabet to symbolize their perseverance: such letter means the end, the last, the limit, and they claim they always stands last, no matter what - according to their own code, they never leave a combat they start unless one of the sides emerges victorious (in all the times so far, their side).

But who they are and who they claim to be?

The incarnation of the Minotaur in a bull cow, coming from Heraklion, Greece. The most powerful of the four, nothing seems to be heavy enough for her, which comes handy for carrying and swinging that 220lbs. mace like a baseball bat.

The incarnation of the Phoenix in an eagle, coming from Olympia, Greece. Apart from being the wisdom of the group, her abnormal resistance to apparently any possible physical or mental injury might indicate a signal of long life, if not immortality itself.

The incarnation of the she-wolf that fed Romulus and Remus, the brothers who created her hometown Rome. The only non-Greek of the group might be deadly with her pair of bronze swords, but she's more impressive with the pair of qualities that mostly defines her: her nobility and generosity towards the ones she considers worth of it.

The incarnation of the Nemean Lion defeated by Hercules, coming from Nemea, Greece. She proclaims herself to be "the best gladiatrix of all time", due to her unmatchable battling skills combined with her trident with a long chain and her bronze shield.

Well... suddenly I decided to present this particular set of OCs primarily made to be one-time characters at a homemade comic that I never managed to finish it (which is the exact case of Sia
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