Asterius's last breath 2 Picture

Asterius's last breath - Minotaur (2008) greek mythology

Pasipha√ę gave birth to Asterion also called Asterius, who was latter called the Minotaur and King Minos would not of been happy having a freakish bastard son.

In this interpretation he was a intelligent creature, pushed to madness with life of pain and isolation, making him lose what little last shred of humanity he may of had.

I tried showing this with scars from the years of abuse at the hands of his father King Minos.

If Asterion was truly a mindless Beast,way could his mother breastfeed him so tenderly? Here you see this in Pasiphae nursing him on the floor beneath him, capturing a humanizing the moment before the creature dies at the hands of Theseus.

Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay) hand painted with acrylic.
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