What's your MYTH ??? II Picture

I took mythical creatures and put them in place of the horoscope signs with the best match.. some of them didn't have to change much such as the centaur which we always see as sagittarius(,

these seemed like the best fits;

Aquarius: Tsurube-otoshi (Japanese) - Monster which drops or lowers a bucket from the top of a tree to catch people
Pisces: Mermaid
Aries: Criosphinx (Ancient Egypt) - Ram-headed sphinx
Taurus: Minotaur (Greek mythology) - Human-bull hybrid
Gemini: Orthrus (Greek) - Two-headed dog
Cancer: Heikegani (Japanese) - Crabs with human-faced shells, the spirits of the warriors killed in the Battle of Dan-no-ura
Leo: Pixiu (Chinese) - Winged lion
Virgo: Medusa (Greek)
Libra: Harpy (Greek) - Death spirit with the form of a bird with a human head
Scorpio: Aqrabuamelu (Akkadian) - Human-scorpion hybrid
Sagittarius: Centaur (Greek) - Human-horse hybrid
Capricorn: Satyr (Greek) - Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit
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