Kyoko...SMASH Picture

My Gyuki cow-girl Kyoko in battle gear, swinging her gigantic axe; splitting the ground. Never mess with an angry Minotaur/Holstaurus beastman!

In Japanese mythology, Gyuki are ox-demons; a type of Yokai. In a way, they are comparable to Minotaurs of Ancient Greek Mythology. And, according to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Holstaurus are domesticated descendants of Minotaurs.

In my yet unnamed story, Gyuki are the race with the elemental affinity to Earth. Harriers are the ones that belong to the Air; Tritons/Merfolk to Water and the Dragonkin to Fire. At the moment, I forgot what name I gave to the Dragonkin (I know it was a Mandarin name). Anyways, Gyuki are freakishly powerful creatures; but it is a male-dominated culture. There have been very few examples of female warrior Gyuki throughout their history. Those who have been lauded in legend have a status comparable to Valkyries. The Gyuki culture is heavily based on Viking and Native American cultures (I was aiming for the Sioux). Kyoko was the one who decided to break away from the tradition of being utilized as a bride and breeding cow for her tribe. Growing up, she trained herself to be as strong as the greatest Gyuki braves known in Gyuki history. But, as rebellious as she was, she also caused much grief to her clansfolk with her alcoholic tendencies. It wasn't until she came in contact with a young Harrier (a younger being who ultimately tamed the savage woman that she is) that her life changed for the better. As the elemental compliment to the avian Takaji, she contributes her geokinetic abilities to the elemental foursome, alongside the Harrier Takaji.
For the record, I found it challenging to combine Viking and Sioux garbs for my special cow lady here. Hopefully, I can get some critique from wiser and more experienced artists and those whom are well versed in their respective cultures.

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