Wow I just can't stop-Minotaur Twins and Zelden Picture

May I have the pleasure of introducing the Minotaur twins, Belle and Baston Rodregquiez?

Belle is a Minotaur girl. She's soft and pastel goth and is very very fluffy. She really likes history and puzzle games; but she struggles intensely with the ones where you gotta get the ball thru the maze. She hates mazes so much and gets lost really easy. She's also very colorblind, but apparently she can see the color red. She's friends with Darla the Unicorn Centaur and they make mini pizza rolls and paint their hooves and destroy Gender Roles.

Baston is the 'older' of the two. He plays Hockey on the school team and is a dude bro that would probably go 'no homo' constantly-but he would have intense bromances that are literally borderline of actual romances. While his sister would rather use her head to solve problems-Baston literally uses his head. He's kinda embaressed that his sister also plays for the same hockey team he's on-but even more so that she's a better shot than him. He also has a tendency to get lost easily; Belle just gets angry and he just gets panicky when confronted with mazes. Baston is also colorblind except for the color red.

And here's an Older Student....

Zelden Feo is a Chubacabra which is a Mexican Goat Vampire. He's sorta like a Lizard, a Dog and a Goat had a three way in a puddle of radioactive waste and he's the by-product. He was orphaned really early on because Chubacabras live topside in the dusty waste lands in the middle of nowhere and will often try to cross major highways and get hit by truckers-their bodies are usually written off as weird ass dogs with mange. However, while his mom was hit by a Trucker, he was flung into the brushes and found by an older Hispanic woman days later who took him in and raised him lovingly despite the obvious species diffrence. She eventually had him sent to Hellskool because they were building a highway closer to her house and she didn't want him getting run over. He's kinda of annoying and is head of the Tech Club which is made up of a lot of other vampiric creatures. He and the other Chubacabras are usually chasing after the Demons because they think they're goats.


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